What's New At GoGoGuest In 2021?

We are constantly releasing new platform integrations and features to help brands of all sizes start, run and grow your business.

In 2020 and the first Quarter of 2021, we released a number of cool new features that work well with your other favorite in-store systems and eCommerce solutions. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, here’s a quick roundup.

Hot New Product Releases In 2021

Provide brands with easy access and understanding to customer data from any ordering channel to drive personalized engagement that grow customer loyalty.

When we first launched in 2016, our focus was on one data-stream and platform: How to optimize guest WiFi for better storefront space and “butts in seats” management. The product generated the attention of specialty coffee shops from big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and places neither my co-Founder or I have ever been (hoping to visit soon!) like Nagodoches, TX, Fayetteville, AR and Greeley, CO to name a few. We signed local brands who remain our customers to this day.

After our MVP release, we quickly learned, prioritized and hustled to deliver customer engagement and loyalty programs features that are flexible and scalable. This means that a brand of any size can start anywhere, go everywhere and anywhere with GoGoGuest.

  •  We make it simple and easy to capture, gather, aggregate and organize all your zero party data in one place, from different systems you currently use. This feature eliminates your need to add a separate CDMP (Customer Data Management Platform) in your technology stack.
  • After our first major integration and partnership with Square, we landed new integrations and partnerships with brands including Toast, NCR, PAR Technologies (Brink POS), Clover, Revel, Shopify, Stripe and more! We add new integrations and continue to grow our API centric ecosystem.
  • What do you do with so much data? We support simple customer acquisition use cases to more complex customer loyalty programs, cross-channel analytics and predictive analytics that can be integrated to your delivery channels like email marketing, SMS marketing and web/app push notifications.
  • On-demand analytics, insights and Market Basket Analysis are part of our new offerings. Customers can choose from unlimited to selecting which analytics and insight reports would best meet their goals. Meanwhile, Market Basket Analysis offers deeper insights that offer answers to your questions including: most bought product combinations, best sales channels by day or week or time of day, which product combinations would offer the best profit margins and revenues and so much more!
  • Understanding your next best digital marketing actions for a specific product line or multiple product lines is essential to growth. With the likelihood of cookies to be a thing of the past, this means advertising platforms like Instagram or Facebook may no longer be sufficient to help with targeting the relevant consumer profiles. Owning your zero party data and digital marketing tools will be more important than ever.
  • Using cross-channel data for a number of AI powered and data-rich customer interactions including customer support, product recommendations (upselling and cross-selling), menu design, product merchandising and categories, inventory management and so much more!
How to create a complete customer portrait with GoGoGuest

API centric integrations with your other favorite solutions

GoGoGuest offers API integrations with your other favorite solutions to streamline all your zero party data from multiple store locations, online ordering, eCommerce store and third-party apps. Learn about our integrations.

“Knowing that GoGoGuest integrates with Square influenced our decision to choose Square for our POS and eCommerce solutions."

Nicole Smith, Founder and owner, South Lake Brewing Company Tweet

Streamline all your data in one place

Seamlessly gather, organize and segment all your customer data from your POS, online ordering, eCommerce and third-party applications in one place. Learn about our customer data management tools.

Understand customer behavior across channels

See which customer behaviors are consistent or unique across channels. Find new opportunities for new offerings, enhanced services, ways to engage and grow customer loyalty. Learn about our analytics and AI tools.

Premium customer engagement tools

See which customer behaviors are consistent or unique across channels. Find new opportunities for new offerings, enhanced services, ways to engage and grow customer loyalty. Learn about our premium email marketing and SMS marketing.

"We called GoGoGuest for WiFi marketing and discovered so much more! We're thrilled to have all our data from Square, Shopify in one place and the ability to create and send beautiful email campaigns."

Jiyoon Han, co-Founder, Bean & Bean Coffee Tweet

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

Design unique customer loyalty programs

For brands who invest in their best customers and want to offer a rockstar loyalty program or club, we have an answer for you. Yes we can! 

Here’s what your loyalty program can look like when working with GoGoGuest:

  • Move beyond offering rewards for purchases. Encourage community engagement with rewards and recognition.  Organically discover brand advocates, grow your brand’s social media presence and experiential events that are made for your brand’s rockstars.
  • Reward across ordering and purchasing channels. There is no need to have separate in-store and online loyalty rewards and clubs with GoGoGuest. 
  • Encourage good citizen behavior.
  • Design a program that is unique to your brand and mission.

Learn about our API centric loyalty programs.

Better manage guest usable space

For specialty coffee shops whose main focus is to better manage their guest usable space by offering guest WiFi with time-limits, yes we continue to offer this solution to brands of all sizes.

Here’s what you get when you use our WiFi marketing capabilities:

  • Managed WiFi service. For independent coffee shop owners, a reliable network partner is at times challenging to find.  As part of our WiFi marketing services, GoGoGuest can help with your WiFi set-up to support your POS, printers, television and speakers. 
  • Guest WiFi with time-limits. Worried about guests who hang out for hours without purchasing anything besides a $4 dollar coffee? Don’t feel helpless. With GoGoGuest you can set boundaries for your guests by introducing a WiFi policy that has time-limits, and if you prefer require a purchase. 
  • Premium email marketing. Our WiFi marketing solution collects and captures personal user data with permission from the WiFi captive portal and your website. Our system makes it super easy for a guest to opt-out, if they prefer. 
  • Advanced email marketing segmentation and marketing automations. Personalize your email campaigns by using our built-in segmentation and automations to create meaningful and personalized customer journeys. 

Learn about our WiFi marketing solution.

WiFi marketing for pop ups and events

Before the pandemic, GoGoGuest can be found in many pop up shops and events big and small across the country. We support and deliver for brands including Absolut Vodka, Pressed Juicery, Canon, Dogville and more!

Here’s what you get when you use our WiFi marketing capabilities for pop ups:

  • Managed WiFi service. We can tailor your pop up WiFi package based on the size, needs and duration of your pop up shop or experience.
  • Offer guest WiFi.  Collect permission based data by offering a raffle to passers by or window shoppers to provide their information.
  • Foot traffic counting and analytics. If you’re a DTC brand testing site locations through pop up shops, adding a layer of smarts to your WiFi will provide you with anonymized foot traffic counting and analytics.
  • App usage analytics. Learn about the demographics in the area based on anonymized app usage and browsing habits.
  • Real-world insights. Gain insights on your pop up merchandising with insights real-world customer journeys inside your pop up space or event.

Learn about our Pop Up WiFi marketing solution.

GoGoGuest Cross-Channel Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform for brands of all sizes

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Customer Engagement Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement these actionable full cycle marketing tips from creating awareness, customer engagement to growing customer loyalty that drive value.

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