Why Businesses Choose GoGoGuest

  • Growth & marketing genie
  • No app to install
  • Simply plug in and it works!
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Acquire New Customers Every Hour

  • Organic acquisition of over 10 new customers daily
  • Segmentation using built-in custom fields
  • Customer journeys for highly targeted customer marketing
  • Sync your in-store and online customer data and key insights
  • Offer guest WiFi service
  • Local restaurants, retailers and hospitality brands gain 44% ROI per customer visit

All-In-One Multi-Channel Customer Marketing with WiFi Services

Save $900/month with GoGoGuest multi-channel customer marketing with WiFi service. Our captive portals acquire and convert new customers faster than any landing page. A built-in multi-channel marketing funnel with PRO features comes with email marketing, segmentation and customer journeys.

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GoGoGuest Customer Data & Key Insights

All Your Customer Data In One Place

See a full picture of your business performance in one place. GoGoGuest gives you the power to know what your customer likes and dislikes about their experience with your brand, then then respond in a timely manner based on their behavior in-store and online.

Elevate Your Business Growth

Elevate your experience and your guest experience. With GoGoGuest you won’t need multiple solutions or suppliers to acquire, communicate, engage and attract customers back to your store or venue. One simple customer marketing solution with guest WiFi service is all you need to gain 44% increase in revenue!

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