Why Businesses Choose GoGoGuest

  • Simple sign up
  • No apps to install
  • No extra hardware needed!
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Grow Your Active and High-Value Customer List

  • Acquire an average of 84 active, high value customers in a day
  • Know what customers want with customer intelligence backed by customer data and insights
  • Automate segmentation to get to know your customers
  • Send marketing campaigns triggered by customer behavior
  • A/B test campaigns
  • Localize campaign send times
  • Take control of your business wifi service policy from day 1
  • Local restaurants, retailers and hospitality brands gain 44% ROI

Customer Intelligence from Bricks to Clicks

Hospitality, food service businesses, venues and pop-up retailers have access to a sea of customer information but often don’t have the right tools to turn that data into actionable and individualized marketing campaigns.

Using customer data from different digital touch points including POS, WiFi analytics, eCommerce website, social media, and other relevant data sources, GoGoGuest gives businesses a complete picture of their customer so they can connect in an intelligent and profitable way.

As a result, many businesses are realizing up to a 44% increase in in-store revenue since they started using GoGoGuest.  

GoGoGuest Unified Customer Data and Marketing with Business WiFi Service

Guest Experience Will Never Be The Same Again

Hospitality, food service and pop up retail experience businesses are learning they don’t need multiple tools and solutions to get to know their customers. With GoGoGuest businesses can:

  • Grow their active and high value customer lists with a reliable and secure guest WiFi service faster than any other digital touch point
  • Ask permission from their guests to engage beyond the first visit
  • Make it super easy for customers to opt-out when messages are no longer relevant to their lifestyle
  • Learn more about what they want while in your physical space and online stores
  • Reach out to each customer segment with precise messages and offers, sent at the right time and the right place
  • Build a business based on an accurate understanding of what customers want
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