Why WiFi Marketing Grows Your Customer List Faster And Truly Drives Repeat Business


GoGoGuest helps business owners easily create highly effective ongoing customer marketing campaigns

Imagine if there was a resource that allowed you to build a more meaningful, lasting relationship with your customers by simply utilizing the wifi service you already provide. Before you start daydreaming about how wonderful that would be, GoGoGuest is exactly the company you’re looking for.

GoGoGuest provides one easy-to-use cloud-based customer marketing platform to help business owners engage with their customers in multiple new ways to incentivize brand loyalty, repeat and referral business, and strengthen your connection to your customers by learning what they love the most about your business.

How it works: Your cloud-based wifi service will require a permission-based opt-in via email before a customer can access your network. Every customer who opts-in to use free wifi service grants you permission to add them to your customer marketing list.

One Marketing Solution To Grow Your Business

wifi service with customer marketing with wifi service


How will GoGoGuest Increase your Profit-Potential?

Once your customers grant you permission to connect with them via the opt-in on the wifi service, you can begin building your relationship with them. As your marketing list expands by the amount of people enjoying your wifi service, you have the ability to launch highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Our cloud-based platform also provides constantly updating information about your customers’ spending habits and notifies you of their birthdays, so that you may further personalize your marketing toward them.

GoGoGuest also allows you to launch customizable loyalty programs to incentivize repeat and referral business. You also can further reward your most engaged customers with special promotions. GoGoGuest gives you the ability to track and manage customer reviews, so that you know what your reputation is in your community. In addition, while your customers are in your business, you can limit the amount of time they can surf the web before a purchase.

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GoGoGuest Enhances Your Ability to Create Lifelong Customers

As a business owner, you want your customers to love your business enough to make it a part of their regular lives. By creating individualized and customized marketing campaigns, which target your customers as individuals, you increase the likelihood of creating a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

The importance of succeeding in creating many lifelong customer relationships is paramount in terms of your ability to grow your profitability and win new customers over time. In an excellent article published by Belly, entitled, “How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value at Your Small Business,” the evidence speaks for itself:

“In the retail world, it costs more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one,” Belly reports.  “Higher costs mean less profit, so it only makes sense to do everything that you can to keep existing customers. The longer you retain your current customers, the higher the ROI for all of your marketing and store costs.”

This is why you need to employ a solution that allows you to create lifelong customers starting right now. GoGoGuest has a proven track record of helping small business owners meaningfully increase their repeat customer visits, while creating a relationship between you and your customers that lasts a lifetime.

For a deeper dive into how GoGoGuest helps you build customer relationships, check out the graph below:

Multi-Channel Customer Marketing In One Place

GoGoGuest captive portals with WiFi service

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