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Grow permission first customer lists in-store and online, increase lifetime value, offer the best managed guest WiFi service


All plans include:

  • Branded and elegant captive portals
  • WiFi service and management
  • Website, newsletter and social welcome mat
  • iPad app sign up form (iPad not included)
  • Unlimited email marketing campaigns
  • Unlimited dynamic subscriber segmentation
  • Unlimited transactional email marketing (eCommerce only)
  • Unlimited rules-based marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Send time optimization
  • Advanced link tracking
  • Campaign insights and analytics
  • Customer surveys, feedback and reputation management
  • A/B Testing and SPAM Testing
  • Upload third-party lists from POS, reservations and other solutions
  • Download your subscriber lists anytime to a CSV or Excel file
  • Account access for up to 2 team members
  • Super admin access for multi-location and franchise systems
  • POS Integration (available for Cloud POS systems)
  • eCommerce Integration (available for eCommerce plans)
  • $0.03 for unique and active customer IDs beyond your plan
  • Send targeted SMS Campaigns (Send fees apply)
  • Customer success via email and phone
Billed Monthly
Comes with up to 2,500 subscribers

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Comes with up to 5,000 subscribers

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Comes with up to 10,000 subscribers

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Comes with up to 25,000 subscribers

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Billed Annually
Sell more, grow your business with up to 2,500 subscribers

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Sell more, grow your business with up to 5,000 subscribers

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Sell more, grow your business with up to 10,000 subscribers

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Sell more, grow your business with up to 25,000 subscribers

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Customer Testimonials

picture of support man

Mike Baccaro, Founder
Serafina Miami
Miami, FL


“GoGoGuest gives us the ability to grow our new customer segment and learn more about our most valuable customers. Each installation comes with a beautiful captive portal with WiFi service plus a complete multi-channel marketing solution, GoGoGuest makes growing a restaurant business simple.

picture of support man

Keith Wixson, Owner
Blackwood Coffee Bar
West Hollywood, LA


“When we installed GoGoGuest at Blackwood Coffee Bar in the Summer of 2017, we immediately saw our laptop customers purchase 25% more every visit. With the new Square POS integration each purchase is associated to a full-hour of wifi access. Our venue offers top notch guest experience with GoGoGuest complete wifi service solution.”

picture of support man

Tanya Landeta, Director
Rose Venice, LA


“The Rose Venice has served over a million customers. We take pride in providing the best experience for each customer who walks through our doors. With GoGoGuest we have a consistent guest WiFi policy that is fully automated and is tailored to our brand standards. Gaining front row seats on our customer’s engagement preferences is super valuable.”

Let GoGoGuest team of experts run your marketing campaigns for you

Need a marketer to plan, create and manage customer marketing campaigns for your business?

Are you a franchise, corporate or pop up retailer or event venue with specific needs?

Available custom integrations for enterprise accounts










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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer FREE trials for the GoGoGuest platform?

Yes, we do offer a 25-day free trial to our software subscription when you sign up.

Is there a discount for multiple locations?

Yes, additional discounted pricing is available for multiple locations and franchise systems.

Can we use a different cloud-managed access point?

Yes, you can. Please, for more information.

Besides having the ability to manage WiFi for my customers what else does the GoGoGuest platform include?

The GoGoGuest multi-channel marketing platform comes with a simple and easy to use all-in-one customer marketing solution and customer data and key insights. Request for a demo to experience GoGoGuest

How easy is it to use the GoGoGuest platform?

It is SUPER easy and does not require engineering or IT to be involved.

It is a simple installation to your new or existing cloud-managed access point. We recommend our partners Meraki or Open Mesh to get the most value for your business. Our dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy for coffee shop managers and operators to use with minimal training.

Is the GoGoGuest platform available for any type of storefront or store venue?

Yes, GoGoGuest is great for any store venue that wants to utilize WiFi service to drive customer acquisition, loyalty programs and engage with their customers in a highly-targeted and friendly way across multiple customer marketing channels.

Need more information?

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