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Keys To Actionable Retail Marketing

In 2019, there are over 442,597 brick-and-mortar retail stores throughout the United States. As a retailer or mall operator, the competition to gain the attention of consumers in your local market or multiple local markets is fierce. local markets is fierce. 

How easy is it to find your brick and mortar retail store in each local market you serve? According to a CONSUMER INSIGHTS STUDY, 89% of research shopping happens on mobile. What do you need to do gain the attention of and audience? What level of customer engagement do you need to convert, take control and own that relationship after the first visit.

6 Actionable Retail Marketing Tips

This guide will cover customer engagement data-driven tools and strategies you need in every phase of your retail marketing journey.

After choosing a location, a concept and a brand name, it’s time to imagine the customer’s experience and journey. What do you want them to see and feel when someone searches for “craft brewery near me…” “fine dining restaurant near me…” “best bbq near me…”crop top athletic wear women…” “jeans in aged denim…” “snowboard bib XS in specific brand name…”

1. Connect with your audience where and when they are searching

  • You need a responsive, search engine optimized website for your online retail store and physical store. With 89% of adults searching for places to shop, travel, eat, drink and gather in their smartphones investing in your digital presence to connect with your physical retail stores is a must.

    Reasons to launch your online retail store with a responsive and mobile friendly website:
    • Create brand awareness. 
    • Establish your local market presence.
    • Connect with your audience and customers.
    • Share different ways potential customers can interact with your brand by browsing your products, check sizing, color availability and when it comes to buying clothes a certain segment of consumers prefer to try before they buy. A good reason why we’re seeing DTC brands opening physical stores across the United States.

"GoGoGuest elevates our guest experience with customer engagement tools to grow and understand our audience, one customer group at a time. Their WiFi marketing solution is incredible!"

Janet Grady, Vice President of Marketing
Freeport Village Station

2. Grow brand awareness with social media

Visual and compelling foodie photos, entertaining, fun and funny hashtags is a great way to build an audience online. 

If you’re not active on Facebook or Instagram yet, you may want to change that. Another essential and free tool for local businesses is Google Business.

Reasons to use Instagram and Facebook as your main social media channels

  • It is free and easy to set up an Instagram and Facebook account.
  • It is easy to integrate with your website. This gives you the opportunity to showcase new content in both places.
  • Build a community around your brand.
  • Engage directly with your customers.

For many users, social media is part of their daily routine. Roughly three-quarters of Facebook users – and around six-in-ten Instagram users – visit these sites at least once a day.

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

3. Crafting your customer's journey

It is important to know that creating an online presence is not the end of your customer’s journey. You need to connect the customer’s experience back to your physical store.

Why? After getting to know your brand online, you’ve created interest and curiosity. Enough for that person to submit their information on your website, better yet they order online and decide to walk-in to pick the item up. This is a great way to potentially up-sell a customer on another item or two! A practice known as BOPIS, buy online, pick-up in-store.

What do you do with that information you’ve captured? These days, customers love it when a brand brings humanity and personalization to every step of their customer journey. Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience

Reasons to use a data-driven cross-channel customer engagement platform 

  • Easily take control of your customer data from your website, POS, WiFi eCommerce and third-party apps in one place.
  • Gain access to behavioral data like frequency of visit, average order spent, which channels they prefer when interacting with your brand?
  • Get to know different customer groups or segments.
  • Know which combination of products are purchased frequently with the power of basket analysis, deep analytics and AI.
  • Craft personalized marketing automations in every step of your customer lifecycle
  • Send cross-channel campaigns on email and SMS.
  • Offer milestone based rewards and loyalty programs that is associated with purchases in-store and online.
  • Use your data to inform your decision on where to advertise and audiences to target.

Part of actionable retail marketing is about understanding what an individual goes through during the initial decision-making process. Then personalizing your brand’s engagement in every step of the customer lifecycle. 

 A data-rich customer engagement platform makes it easy to personalize the customer’s experience, regardless of whether the individual is a first time customer, a 2nd time customer or a super loyal customer.

restaurant customer analytics for every step in the marketing and sales funnel

4. Elevate your retail experience

WiFi marketing and the use of captive portals is not a new concept. Depending on the concept of your physical retail store, WiFi marketing could prove to be a useful retail  marketing tool for you. 

Reasons to use WiFi marketing as part of your retail marketing strategy

  • Create a mix-use retail space that offer coffee, champagne or wine service in a socially distanced guest lounge. 
  • Offer WiFi marketing in exchange for a follow on Instagram and other personal information like an email address and resident zip code, with permission.
  • WiFi marketing can be useful to learn about anonymized location analytics and real-world behavior including foot traffic rate per day in your location, where are customers spending the most time when in your physical store, repeat visits, type of devices and more!
  • WiFi marketing solutions offer a built-in email marketing and SMS marketing and deeper integrations with your POS and eCommerce systems.

5. Grow customer loyalty

At GoGoGuest, we view customer loyalty programs differently. While POS systems and other third-party loyalty programs focus on point based systems $1 = $1 pt., GoGoGuest offers a milestone based loyalty program that can flex and scale to your retail brand’s customer loyalty goals.

Reasons to use a milestone based customer loyalty or rewards program

  • Milestone based rewards programs are designed for your best customers to aspire to an experience exclusive to them
  • Rewards are computed across your available channels in-store, online orders and eCommerce 
  • Retailers are able to set start times and end times. As an example, points do not accumulate forever. It encourages customers to aspire to a milestone every 6 months or yearly to gain access to unique experiences.
  • Add points for specific guests and customer groups to encourage more purchases
  • Communicate rewards by email or SMS.
  • Directly integrate with your POS, online ordering channel and eCommerce
  • No third-party hardware is needed.
  • No plastic or digital reward cards needed.

6. Measure performance

Actionable restaurant marketing does not end in implementation and execution. Measuring the performance and iteration of each customer touchpoint is key to your success.

Reasons to measure the performance of each actionable retail marketing tactic

  • Use deep analytics and insights to know which customer touchpoint is performing well or not.
  • Learn from the successful engagement for each customer group. 
  • Iterate on under performing touch points.
  • Measure ROI.

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The Customer Engagement Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement these actionable retail marketing tips from creating awareness, customer engagement to growing customer loyalty that drive value.

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