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Helping coffee shop and restaurant concepts deliver the ultimate customer experience with connected data, analytics and AI. So you can identify new opportunities, optimize customer touch points and grow your revenue across all your ordering channels.

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The Customer Engagement Playbook

Discover how to create brilliant customer experiences in this essential guide for restaurant marketers and customer teams:

2 Million+ Customers Under Management

1 %
Customer acquisition across channels
1 %
Lift in revenue
1 %
Increase In loyalty
1 %
In cost savings

You have disjointed data coming from all your systems

But you’re missing a connected view. Despite Having piles of data, you still can’t get a complete picture of what your customers are buying. You want to know how your customers engage with your brand so you can increase profitability. Adjust your menus. Deliver unique loyalty programs. Drive revenue across ordering channels. And get more feet through the door. 

Instead of wasting hours to guess at what works…

 You just need a simple way to turn your data into usable insights.

Customer Intelligence At Work

'Customer First' Insights To Grow Your Restaurant Business

Get more control of your customer journey. From point of acquisition, to engagement, to building loyalty.  GoGoGuest helps you analyze data across multiple touch-points.

Market Basket Analysis

Know what customers want before they do

Uncover the customer purchase patterns hidden in your data. Market Basket Analysis reveals the offers and product mixes that will grow your profitability. And the ones that are draining your revenue. You’ll be able to make accurate recommendations, cross-sell and up-sell with ease, optimize your menus, and tailor your offers to the products customers really want.

Customer Data Management

Consistent messaging across every customer touch-point

Easily access deep insights across in-store and online engagement channels. GoGoGuest lets you create customer groups based on purchase behaviour, location, interests and preferences. So you can sail through multi-channel customer campaigns and create delight at every touch-point.

With GoGoGuest, Edley’s BAR-B-QUE is able to focus on the menu offerings that customers love, personalize each message and focus our resources across growth opportunities across each location.
Will Newman
CEO & Founder, Edley's BAR-B-QUE

Cross - Channel Marketing

Everything You Need To Drive More Sales, In-Store And Online


Learn from real-world customer journeys, while offering guest WiFi with time-limits and a purchase from day 1!


Design and personalize loyalty programs that align with LTV. Reward your best customers, motivate the rest.


Create and send beautiful and elegant, targeted messages that customers want in their inbox.

SMS Marketing

Easily create and send targeted SMS campaigns with rich and personalized content.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Existing Platforms

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Here's How GoGoGuest Has Helped Three Hospitality Businesses Grow

cross-channel customer engagement personalized by purchase behavior


We’ll help you build a complete picture of your customer, create delight at every touch-point and optimize your hospitality business for profitability.

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