Why Is Personalization Essential To Restaurant Email Marketing?

If you’re in the restaurant industry, you need to be harnessing the power of data and analytics to personalize restaurant email marketing campaigns to make more money, with a company that understands restaurants.

76% of consumers are more likely to consider buying from businesses that personalize, and 95% of restaurant owners say that using tech, especially online, increases ROI.

How can you send emails easily that are already tailored to the restaurant industry, and to your restaurant specifically?

When you use Emma with GoGoGuest to create and send beautiful restaurant email marketing campaigns, your email message can be personalized to meet and anticipate your guests needs, which is a more meaningful approach to connecting.

4 Steps GoGoGuest and Emma Personalize Email To Grow Your Restaurant Business

  1. GoGoGuest collects all your data, even information you don’t even know you have, from WiFi, POS, online ordering and more and presents you with ready-to-use insights;
  2. Your data gets organized in GoGoGuest’s system so you can see customer profiles and segments, helping you craft personalized offers to people based on purchase habits, and even tailored to times they usually visit;
  3. Emma crafts beautiful email campaigns that send offers and communication to your guests that will make them excited to come visit you;
  4. The integration between GoGoGuest and Emma means you can use your data for personalized email campaigns that convert into sales. It’s like having a data scientist and an email marketer in your back pocket!

5 Things You Get To Quit Doing With Emma And GoGoGuest Email Marketing:

  1. You don’t have to collect or organize your own restaurant data;
  2. You don’t have to send offers that do not align with a guest’s preferences;
  3. You can save money on traditional ads, because email is cheaper and works better;
  4. You get easy set-up with support from a team of digital marketers who love restaurants and are here to help you;
  5. You can quit sending mass-campaigns  “spray and pray” emails to see who wants to use the offers you send out!

Instead of just sending emails and making guesses and hoping for the best, or spending tons of money on ads, you get something that works because it gets into the minds of your guests – who doesn’t want an offer to prompt them to come in for their favorite smoothie at 10 am, when they normally come in?

With Emma’s email marketing platform and GoGoGuest data, analytics and personalization AI, you get loyal and more frequent guests who will tell their friends to visit you!

  • In the last 2 years, 75% of consumers tried new shopping behaviors and discovered restaurants using personalization and tech.
  • 80% of your guests want personalized recommendations based on past orders or current trends.

GoGoGuest Works With Restaurant Data Sources

Check out our list of restaurant integrations.  Can’t find your restaurant data source? Send a request.

GoGoGuest offers built-in integrations to restaurant data sources

Other Useful Things You Can Do With GoGoGuest

  • List building with WiFi, POS Marketing and more;
  • Email funnel creation which includes emails like welcome sequences, menu series, loyalty enrollment emails win-back and more;
  • You can use the same information that informs email marketing for other marketing and business decisions, like upsells, cross-sells and menu items;
  • Loyalty programs that are unique and that guests love;
  • You get to own your marketing and it’s 100% backed by your restaurant’s data;
  • You can test and refine as you go to see what works best.

The Secret Sauce to Emails That Sell

Whether you’re a multi-unit franchise, or a burgeoning brand, you need a personalization strategy that uses digital channels like email marketing effectively so you can make more money.

How do you manage this when you’re busy?

A data, analytics and AI personalization platform is the answer. GoGoGuest is the guest relationship management platform that is focused on hyper-personalization for independent and emerging restaurant brands. Here’s how it works:

  • The platform seamlessly gathers and organizes data from third-party restaurant data;
  • Presents the information frictionlessly for restaurateurs to use for marketing and operations decisions;
  • Integrates with Emma for ultra-personalized email marketing;
  • Allows for additional marketing like SMS, unique loyalty programs and more.
A graphic describing how restaurants can use data from different data sources for hyper personalization of guest offers and communication.

Are You Ready To Connect With Your Guests In Meaningful Ways?

Digital technologies like your email marketing solution gives your restaurant, coffee shop, bar or food service business the power to grow your audience, understand your high-value customers and personalize each and every engagement. The modern consumer expects brands to know what they want and anticipate their needs. 

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How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

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