2019: GoGoGuest Year In Review And What Is Next!

2019 was one for the books here at GoGoGuest. Today, in addition to coffee shops, restaurants, craft beer, bars and the hospitality industry GoGoGuest is  being used by businesses in these categories:

  • Retail commercial properties 
  • Brand activation for global beverage, electronic and beauty brands
  • Hair and beauty services

The future is bright. What we accomplished would not be possible without the feedback, support and loyalty of our early customers, investors, family and friends. We are beyond grateful.

After launching our business WiFi services, the first product we released on our platform, we learned so much about inactive data that businesses and customers share everyday without any means for neither party to learn or benefit from it. We saw a big gap – the need to help businesses and iconic brands connect active data and inactive data to better understand their customers. The realization of this challenge, led to the addition of our premium email marketing offering and our web/online store design and development offerings. We didn’t stop there.

We saw a big gap – the need to help businesses and iconic brands connect active data and inactive data to better understand their customers. Gaining access to this level of information is cost prohibitive and challenging for small to medium businesses. We are changing that. 

Looking Back, Moving Forward And Upward!

  1. Our partners and integrations ecosystem.  We understand that every business is ran and managed differently. This meant expanding our quiver by creating partnerships and integrations with world-class cloud technologies in hospitality, retail, pop up shops and brand activation. 

  2. Supporting independent businesses, franchises and iconic brands. Making it easy for independent businesses to jumpstart customer acquisition, retention and growth was our first goal. Then we made it possible and simple for franchises and multi-location businesses and iconic brands to give each store location some control over customer marketing or full control across all the stores at the headquarters level.
  3. Serving new business types.  The need to understand your customers is not limited to one business type or category. Organically, we were approached and grew to serve retail and pop up shops, festivals and hair salons and beauty spas about our solution and services. 

  4. Built-in premium email marketing. Creating meaningful engagement that is filled with empathy without requiring an army of marketers is possible today with the right infrastructure set-up, segmentation and automation tools. Every subscription level on GoGoGuest has access to all our premium email marketing unless a business prefers to use MailChimp, which we can support with our Basic subscription.

  5. Web design and development.  Our decades of experience launching digital properties for global and recognizable brands made designing websites and online stores a natural fit. This also meant that each customer journey and data captured is implemented, making it easier for you to use and apply your data to test new ideas and proof of concepts.

  6. Guest intelligence. Understanding your customers opens a whole new world of opportunities and creates business efficiencies that are otherwise challenging to predict and manage. With access to customer data, insights and metrics — you have full control of your business and brand’s unified customer experience

  7. One simple subscription. There is simplicity in one monthly or yearly subscription business WiFi service, premium email marketing, website / online store maintenance / management and customer data and insights. Plus you gain the support of a technology platform that puts humans first.

In this uncertain market climate, everyone is looking for ways to restore and grow their business footprint. Investing in an all-in-one customer marketing and data solution that helps you better understand your customers is top of mind more than ever. Request for more info.

About GoGoGuest

GoGoGuest is a customer marketing and data software subscription solution that helps every business and iconic brand better understand their customers. We are trusted by over 200 businesses and power more than a million customer engagements every month. Our story.