In-store WiFi marketing for wins all-around.

In-store Wifi marketing for wins all-around.

WiFi Winner, Chicken Dinner

The perfect combination: fast and secure WiFi data mixed with data from your POS and third-party services. The outcome: you get to know in-store guests better and increase ROI.

Choose your own WiFi Adventure:

Choose free or a fee for WiFi

96% of guests want free WiFi. Require a purchase or simply ask for permission to connect and send ready-made digital email marketing offers.

Make WiFi only available with purchase

To avoid over crowding. A user-experience designed for coffee shops in mind. Then send personalized offers.

Ask for permission and get to know your audience

Ask for guest information like name, email and birthday, with their permission. Grow interest in your brand by introducing online ordering, pick-up, delivery and catering.

Personalize your digital guest experience

74% of guests like brands to send them tailored offers while using their WiFi. Easily identify your most loyal customers and send them tailored offers.

What You Get With WiFi Marketing Tools

WiFi symbol to represent a captive portal
WiFi captive portal

Captive portals provide security against hackers and give guests peace of mind. Make sure people can’t use WiFi for anything they’re not supposed to.

Three happy customers with their differences
Attract more new guests

Offering free guest WiFi in your B&M captures 40% more data compared to any other sales channel so you can send personalized offers.

Two footprints leaving a mark to represent in-store footfall
Understand in-store footfall

Gain multiple perspectives of your guest groups based on footfall in your store.

Group of happy customers doing a line inside a store like a Coffee Shop
Manage overcrowding

Offer WiFi access with purchase to keep guests buying, which has helped cafes increase ROI by 28% per guest visit.

A big blue hart and a small black heart together to represent the love of raving fans
Create raving fans

Turn guests into loyal fans by using their data to send them personalized offers and engagement via email, SMS and loyalty programs.

An open lock to represent a permission based gathering of clients data through WiFi Marketing
Permission-based gathering

This is your chance to be transparent to skeptical guests to let them know how you’re using their data to benefit and protect both of you.

Brands we’ve partnered with

Edley's bbq logo, famous nashville fast-casual restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
Blue Oak bbq logo, a fast-casual restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
Pancho and Lefty logo, a cantina that partnered with GoGoGuest
Fiction Coffee logo, a coffee shop that partnered with GoGoGuest
Slowpokes logo, a coffee shop and roastery that partnered with GoGoGuest
Cafe Fiore logo, an award winning restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
PLNT Burger logo, a fast casual vegan restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
The Gramercy logo, a full service restaurant and club that partnered with GoGoGuest
Himmel Haus logo, a Full service German restaurant and taproom that partnered with GoGoGuest
KiKi On The River logo, a full service restaurant and bar that partnered with GoGoGuest
Serafina Miami logo, a full service italian restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
South Lake Brewing logo, a brewery that partnered with GoGoGuest

Why Personalization Matters

The 3 Whys Of WiFi

You will see:

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More in spending

Yes, WiFi does really make people spend more money, thereby increasing your ROI. Stats show that 50% or more guests will spend more when there’s free WiFi, and the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with WiFi and GoGoGuest, working together with all your systems.

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More in guest info

You only collect guest data when guests willingly give it to you, and that data becomes the key to both your success and increased guest happiness. Consumers know this as well, which is why 56% of social media users will exchange their profile info for a customized brand experience.

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More undaunted solo diners

WiFi opens the doors to the largely non targeted demographic of solo diners who aren’t used to going out by themselves. 58% of guests are more likely to eat and drink out alone when there’s WiFi, giving you a whole host of people that otherwise might not visit on their own.

The GoGoGuest Method For Guest Journey Marketing

It's easy to get started

Our Customer Data Platform lets you see the entire guest journey through their purchase patterns, from their first purchase through each time they pick a new trend or favorite. Here’s how that translates to personalized marketing efforts, in real time:

Test, Refine & Repeat

"GoGoGuest WiFi Marketing helped grow our audience from the first day we opened to 3x in less than a year. Today we're magically capturing all our guest data from Toast and third-party guest reservation systems."

Adam Guttentag

Owner, Harajuku Taproom

We Offer WiFi Marketing For


Quick Start Package

Need a jumpstart?

All the support you need to set up email, SMS and digital marketing for success, fast. We’ll help you build a roadmap to launch, set up your account, provide personalized training, and do an initial assessment of list health.

Strategic Services

Dig into your data, insights and opportunities

An annual service that provides you with a full implementation team focused on executing a comprehensive guest engagement program for your business and brand. Our team of experts will work with you to keep an eye on key delivery metrics, share best practices and make specific recommendations to continuously improve your overall digital guest experience.

World-Class Customer Service & Support

You’re determined to succeed. We’re determined to help. Learn why both young and established organizations trust GoGoGuest. See what we’re about.

GoGoGuest rises above other options because:
A flexible platform that’s made for the restaurant industry

Start marketing your restaurant better today.

Create excitement and sales à la personalization.

Let's Get WiFi.

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How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

Young man with a laptop, a cellphone and headphones smiling in a coffee shop

6 Restaurant Data Trends You Need To Follow In 2022

Young lady in her laptop sitting in an outdoor cafe

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