GoGoGuest – Customer Intelligence For Restaurants

Data-driven email marketing

Use behavioral triggers to personalize every email message and standout of a crowded inbox. See the difference in sales conversions.


Email Marketing For Restaurant Concepts

Restaurant brands who prioritize customer data gain the edge to personalize and deliver delight, in every message.

Customer journeys that resonate with your guests

Reliably create and send beautiful, elegant and data-rich email marketing campaigns. Empower  your restaurant marketing and customer teams to imagine the best digital customer experience for your restaurant concept – without limitations.

Go big on personalization

Your average restaurant customer expects a level of personalization that comes with giving up information. With GoGoGuest, customer profiles are seamlessly enriched with each touchpoint, in-store or online. 


With GoGoGuest, you can depend on smart email marketing designed for cafe and restaurant concepts. 

Experiment, iterate and repeat

Every customer interaction is a design learning experience for your restaurant marketing team. GoGoGuest email marketing for restaurants comes with tools to easily test, iterate and repeat!

Tools Designed For Restaurant Marketers

Email marketing produces 74% more in restaurant customer engagement and 6X more in sales activity.

Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Create dynamic customer segments across product, demographic and buying behaviors.


Personalize your email marketing content and offers customer by customer group and individual preferences.


Designed to help you identify new customers and transform them into loyal guests.


Unlock behavior patterns that is focused on menu items or products, available across your sales channels.


Power your restaurant email marketing with behavioral triggers from your sales channels, in-store and online.

Resources to support you along the way

What Is WiFi Marketing?

Download this step-by-step guide to WiFi marketing for your coffee shop or restaurant type business. Learn how easy it is to implement in one location or multiple locations. Whether you're looking to better manage guest usable space, require a purchase before connecting to your guest WiFi or looking to grow your customer first party data, WiFi marketing should be part of your restaurant marketing tech stack.

Why Is Email Marketing Bigger Than Facebook?

As a restaurant operator or restaurant marketer have you ever wondered if likes on a photo or a video are converting to actual reservations or orders in-store and online? Sharing the story of your brand through social media is the go to 'brand awareness' tool for restaurant marketers. When it comes to revenue conversions, email marketing is proven to be the most cost effective and measurable tool for restaurants.

Restaurant Marketer's Guide To Email Marketing

Download this step-by-step guide to launching a data-driven email marketing program for independent restaurant operators and multi-location brands. learn all about the importance of asking for first-party data, segmentation and personalization. More importantly, see real examples of successful restaurant email marketing campaigns from brands like yours.

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