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All GoGoGuest software packages are inclusive of one data integration source.  Each package scales with additional data and total unique subscribers.

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Everything you need to expand your audience engagement and grow customer loyalty in all your ordering channels. Select from our flexible monthly or annual packages designed to support each phase of your business growth. 












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Enterprise Plans

Our enterprise package is custom designed for businesses with multiple brands and locations. Let GoGoGuest support and implement a cross-channel customer engagement and loyalty strategy with best-in-class, personalized technical integration and strategic support to adopt, grow and innovate your lifecycle marketing campaigns. Let’s talk.



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Understanding guest behavior is critical to staying ahead of the trends, building powerful marketing and loyalty programs, and converting casual customers into your biggest fans.

Combine your powerful POS system with GoGoGuest’s Customer Intelligence platform to easily extend the guest experience across multiple sales channels and far outside your restaurant’s walls. Discover key customer insights and elements of your business typically invisible to the naked eye – all without the need for an expensive data scientist or engineering team.

Our Customer Intelligence Solutions:

  • Customer Data Management
  • Restaurant Analytics
  • Marketing And Sales Performance
  • Menu Marketing And Engineering
  • Customer Engagement

GoGoGuest scales as you expand your customer data sources and as you add more customer engagement channels.


  • Ideal for business owners who are focused on growth and location expansion
  • A big desire to elevate your in-store customer experience
  • Ready to invest in email marketing for customer engagement and growth
  • Intent in growing their digital channel and customer groups


  • Ideal for brands and businesses who want to up-level customer engagement with rich data, across multiple channels (email, 2-way SMS) and mobile landing pages
  • Business and brands in the Advanced Package have a strong brand presence in the physical world and are intent on growing their digital and eCommerce channels.
  • The Advanced Package is a great fit for businesses and brands who want to grow customer engagement and loyalty across their physical store and eCommerce channel.


  • For fast-growing brands and businesses who need automated data from multiple data sources and the power of a cross-channel customer engagement platform.


  • For brands and businesses focused on custom technical integrations across multiple data sources and multi-year licensing and support.
  • Ideal for organizations with 25 or more locations and a growing eCommerce presence.

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All GoGoGuest packages include a branded WiFi captive portal for each physical retail store. Brands and businesses can choose from two captive portal designs : 1) guest WiFi with a purchase from your preferred POS system 2) no purchase required.

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Hardware and Network Pre-requisites: GoGoGuest comes with seamless integrations with two hardware access points: Cisco Meraki or Ubiquiti (Unifi). If your stores are not using these hardware access points our customer success team will guide you through the process of procuring and installing the right hardware and necessary cloud controllers.

GoGoGuest does not sell or provide the hardware access points and in-store network installation.

We do offer Cloud Controller services for an additional minimal monthly fee of $5.00 per location / month, if requested.

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GoGoGuest offers pop up WiFi service for brands and businesses in the United States and Canada. Our Pop Up WiFi packages can be customized based on the scope of your technical requirements, location and duration.

Talk to us about your pop up WiFi service needs. REQUEST FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Ready to get started? Simply select one of the packages!

  • Prefer to pay yearly? Receive a 10% discount If you sign up for our Growth, PRO and Advanced Annual Packages 
  • After signing up, you will receive an email confirmation with your Order Form. Sign and return your Order Form to begin your smooth onboarding process!
  • Respond to the onboarding questionnaire that will be shared with your Order Form.
  • Get your brand assets ready (logo in high resolution png, brand color palette, 5 of your favorite product brand images)
  • Coordinate a transition plan with our Implementation team, if needed.
  • There are no development or design resources required from your team during onboarding.
  • Schedule your go live day!

Need a custom Enterprise package?  Let’s talk.

Should you exceed your plan’s limit here are the overage fees to expect on your monthly subscription payments.

  • $0.2 for each additional consumer profile with an email address or subscriber beyond your plan’s limit.
  • $0.5 per additional domestic SMS message beyond your plan’s limit.
  • $0.18 per International mobile SMS message.
  • $0.3 per mobile landing page sent with each message.
  • $20.00 for an additional Toll Free Number

GoGoGuest values and protects consumer privacy. We do not share or sell personal identifying information to third-parties.  

From time-to-time GoGoGuest sends customer surveys to consumers who have opted to participate in product research and customer experience development.

For optimal customer engagement results, brands and businesses are recommended to include easy access to subscriber preference center, privacy and cookie links. 

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service


Each package comes with human support through email, SMS or phone.  PRO packages come with Premium Support.


  • Every location signed up for guest WiFi is fully onboarded with a branded captive portal, WiFi management settings and the POS integration.
  • Guest WiFi implementation can be completed in 7 business days with a network ready location.
  • Customer data management, data sync and more comprehensive customer engagement implementation can vary by size of customer data, number of data sources and engagement channels you’d like to use.
  • For large and complex implementation requirements, our implementation and customer success teams will collaborate and partner with your designated program lead.
  • Expert and strategic implementation and support services are available for Advanced, PRO and Enterprise packages. Tell me more.


Glad you asked! 

  • All GoGoGuest packages are available in monthly or annual subscription payments for an agreed Initial Term in the Order Form or a minimum of 1-year.
  • Custom and enterprise packages are subject to the agreed upon Initial Term.
  • Service requirements may vary and is dependent on your internal systems.
  • The Order Form is governed by the Dial IQ dba GoGoGuest TERMS OF SERVICE.
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