Restaurant Analytics & AI. Because knowledge is power.

Restaurant Analytics & AI. Because knowledge is power.

Know For Certain What Your Actions Are Achieving

Transform data from disconnected silos to an integrated profitability center. Achieve increased ROI and raving fans with analytics made for restaurant success.

Restaurants who use GoGoGuest:

Get new guests from all channels

Restaurants who utilize the power of analytics see a 78% increase in guest acquisition across sales channels, including in-store, online, and third-party apps – all from data used wisely!

Increase ROI by 87%

Using an AI platform drives an 84% average lift in revenue. It does this for you, so you don’t have to become an expert or overextend yourself – do what you love and let the platform do the heavy lifting.

Increase guest loyalty exponentially

GoGoGuest customers see a 92% average increase in loyalty. It’s easier to retain guests than to get new ones, and using GoGoGuest gives your current customer base reasons to come see you more often.

Save costs while you increase ROI

Experience a 79% increase in cost savings from supply chain operations, labor management and product mix. Use menu engineering to optimize your ROI while learning where to cut costs.

Let Us Learn From Your Data So You Know Exactly What To Do.

You have questions. GoGoGuest gives you answers.

A few paper documents with data and a magnifying glass to find all the relevant information
Finds data

From 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources – your restaurant, apps and social media, and industry data.

A lines and dots graph that shows how you can unifiy data
Unifies data

When all the data is out there separated, it’s impossible to create a clear picture that you can use for your success. GoGoGuest consolidates it for you.

A broom to clean inconsistencies on your business
Cleans inconsistencies

Cleaning and organizing the data may be the most important – and difficult – of all. The good news is, GoGoGuest is constantly cleaning your data so you don’t have to worry.

A big open eye to represent visual analytics reports
Creates visual reports

That you can easily understand and share with others, so you can make a plan and take action as quickly as possible to start reaching your goals.

An open and close question marks to represent that you can find answers to all your questions
Answers questions

Stop wondering how you can best scale your own business while also running it – get data from your channels and the industry at large so you can stop playing guessing games.

A click on the center of a target to represent taking Action
Take action

Get solid action plans for your next best steps. You don’t have to be a marketing expert or tech-savvy to use GoGoGuest to help you reach your goals in concrete ways, today.

Brands we’ve partnered with

Edley's bbq logo, famous nashville fast-casual restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
Blue Oak bbq logo, a fast-casual restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
Pancho and Lefty logo, a cantina that partnered with GoGoGuest
Fiction Coffee logo, a coffee shop that partnered with GoGoGuest
Slowpokes logo, a coffee shop and roastery that partnered with GoGoGuest
Cafe Fiore logo, an award winning restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
PLNT Burger logo, a fast casual vegan restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
The Gramercy logo, a full service restaurant and club that partnered with GoGoGuest
Himmel Haus logo, a Full service German restaurant and taproom that partnered with GoGoGuest
KiKi On The River logo, a full service restaurant and bar that partnered with GoGoGuest
Serafina Miami logo, a full service italian restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
South Lake Brewing logo, a brewery that partnered with GoGoGuest

Why Do Restaurant Analytics Matter?

The 3 Reasons For Analytics

Only 12% of restaurants are using data to gain 10% increases in ROI. Now is the time to get ahead and see how far you can go, and how quickly and easily you can reach your goals with the power of data.

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Scale anywhere, anytime

Be in the 6% that succeeds with the changing times. Analytics helps you be prepared for anything. In 2020, only 6% of restaurants reported higher profit margins, while 86% had lower. GoGoGuest helped brands increase pre-pandemic revenue up to $18M, and over half opened 2+ new locations during the pandemic.

0 %

Know your guests

90% of guests research online before they order. And then they order either in-store, online or on delivery apps. Analytics helps you know where the people are through data consolidation and reach them in the places where they’ll respond. Then, offer them what they want and get increased ROI.

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Increase efficiency and savings

59% of restaurants lose money on labor costs in hard times. Make sure you’re prepared for changing times and situations – 21% of restaurants had lower, not higher labor costs. GoGoGuest helps you optimize staffing times, training and more so that you only hire the staff you need, keep them longer and help them help you reach your goals.

The GoGoGuest Method For Optimum ROI, At All Times.

It's easy to get started

Analytics and AI make it easy to continuously be optimizing for increased ROI. Make sure you’re never leaving profits on the table with our method, which our customer data platform does for you:

Test, Refine & Repeat

“Understanding real-life engagement and connecting with our customers online and in their inbox were our biggest customer engagement gaps. We're smarter mall operators thanks to GoGoGuest .”

Janet Grady and Bruno Andreades

Founders, The PRISM Company

We Offer Restaurant Analytics & AI For:


Quick Start Package

Need a jumpstart?

All the support you need to set up email, SMS and digital marketing for success, fast. We’ll help you build a roadmap to launch, set up your account, provide personalized training, and do an initial assessment of list health.

Strategic Services

Dig into your data, insights and opportunities

An annual service that provides you with a full implementation team focused on executing a comprehensive guest engagement program for your business and brand. Our team of experts will work with you to keep an eye on key delivery metrics, share best practices and make specific recommendations to continuously improve your overall digital guest experience.

World-Class Customer Service & Support

You’re determined to succeed. We’re determined to help. Learn why both young and established organizations trust GoGoGuest. See what we’re about.

GoGoGuest rises above other options because:
A flexible platform that’s made for the restaurant industry

Restaurant brands we've helped.

Create excitement and sales à la personalization.

We Won’t Leave You With a Mound of Data

Services to help you scale in concrete ways. Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Let's Put Your Data To Work.

Let's talk.

How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

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How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

Young man with a laptop, a cellphone and headphones smiling in a coffee shop

6 Restaurant Data Trends You Need To Follow In 2022

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