Delight super fans

Loyal customers love hearing from their favorite brands. GoGoGuest SMS messaging module is perfect for sending last minute, highly-targeted, VIP messages to your most engaged customer segments. 




Reach your customers when it matters most.

Data-rich SMS marketing

SMS marketing is the perfect cross-channel companion to email, social media and advertising. Grow your SMS opt-in list with confidence. Send messages from your dedicated 1-800 number, URL shortener built-in with your mobile landing page and rich media! 

Personalize SMS messages by customer group

Create and send personalized SMS messages by customer groups and key attributes. Reach your most loyal customers based on location, loyalty membership and interests.

Measure SMS performance

Easily view and access SMS marketing performance for each customer group and broadcast. Access SMS broadcast reports directly to your inbox! 

SMS messages for your best customers

Send and create data-driven SMS campaigns with multiple variants with ease. Set automated SMS messages triggered by customer behavior.


Every SMS feature you need to engage your most loyal customer segment.

Customer Groups

Gain a complete view of customer groups by key attributes and relevance.

Create and Send

Deliver email, SMS, targeted web responses and social ads in one platform.

Message Center

Target and engage super fans in real-time. Personalize messages by customer group.

Mobile Landing Pages

Easily create MLPs (mobile landing pages) to drive SMS campaign conversions.

The Customer Engagement Playbook

Humanity in action. What customer engagement is, why it matters and what you need to know.

Resources To Help You Along The Way

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How GoGoGuest Unifies Customer Experiences

Gain a complete view of your customer’s behavior and engagement acros channels.


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