GoGoGuest – Customer Intelligence For Restaurants

Seeing is knowing

A clear view of customer insights and sales performance from your previous campaigns. Restaurant marketers can plan and program their next set of email, SMS and customer loyalty marketing campaigns with a clear view of what is driving ROI and revenue.

Visual Reports


Campaign Insights And Performance

A clear view of campaign results for each customer cohort or customer segment. Know which subject lines, creative content and copy or call to action influenced the success or failure of each campaign.

Review Sales Performance

With a seamless integration into your restaurant's cloud POS system, GoGoGuest can measure the sales performance of each campaign. Deep sales analytics provides insights into which restaurant marketing channels are driving the most revenue or are cost centers.

Know What Menu Items Are Driving Revenue

A built-in Market Basket Analysis capability makes it super easy for your team which menu items are moving the needed on sales and revenue.

Market basket analysis

Understand the purchase behavior of different customer groups and markets. Gain clear recommendations on which product bundles to cross-sell, up-sell to drive more sales and customer loyalty.

Clear next steps for growth

Powerful optimization and AI toolsets to empower your marketing and customer teams.


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Comprehensive visual reports

Armed with rich data from systems you use, GoGoGuest unlocks key insights to your multi-channel customer engagement roadmap. Know which product offers, channels and customer groups to prioritize and focus. 


Align your restaurant marketing and operations teams with sales performance. Take a tour.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

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Today’s customers value experiences as much as (if not more than) things. Therefore, they’re buying based on how you make them feel, not just on what you have to offer. This experience-over-things mentality has contributed to the rise of the pop-up, specifically the pop-up’s popularity with brands, event marketers and experience creators. For brands that are investing in pop-up stores, it’s important to know and measure the pop-up shop’s success. With digital resources that capture in-store customer engagement and footprint, brands, agencies and event marketers are able to effectively measure the success of pop-up stores and experiences.

15 Actionable Restaurant Marketing Tips

There are more than 1 million restaurant locations in the United States. That’s some fierce competition if you’re a restaurateur or restaurant operator. You know that to win new customers and increase revenue, you’ll need to gain consumers’ attention in your local market(s) as quickly as possible. But what do you need to do to gain the attention of an audience? What level of customer engagement do you need to convert, take control, grow customer loyalty, and own that relationship after the first visit? Here are some top restaurant marketing tips to get you started!

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