Seeing is knowing

Nothing goes unnoticed—GoGoGuest offers visual reports tailored for each team member in your organization. Brands can customize their reporting and analytics dashboards with compelling visual reports to start, run and grow your brand and business.

Visual Reports


Market Basket Analysis Reports

Gain recommendations on product bundles, pricing and promotions for each market and customer segment. Arm your marketers and customer teams with good data and analytics.

See Campaign Performance By Channel

Access and compare campaign performance by channel and market. See real-time conversions from open rates, click-throughs and actual purchase.

Measure Performance By Customer Segment

Track and compare performance of campaigns across customer segments. Refine programs and discover new opportunities for growth.

Real-Time A/B Testing and Worldview Reports

Built in A/B test toolsets for subject lines, send from and content. Know which campaign to send and why.

Market basket analysis

Understand the purchase behavior of different customer groups and markets. Gain clear recommendations on which product bundles to cross-sell, up-sell to drive more sales and customer loyalty.

Clear next steps for growth

Powerful optimization and AI toolsets to empower your marketing and customer teams.

Comprehensive visual reports

Armed with rich data from systems you use, GoGoGuest unlocks key insights to your multi-channel customer engagement roadmap. Know which product offers, channels and customer groups to prioritize and focus. 

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The Email Marketing Playbook

The email mastery guide for modern marketers, customer teams and business owners.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

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Give your teams access to good data and a complete view of your customers.

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