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What Is WiFi Marketing, Anyway?

WiFi Marketing is a customer acquisition channel for traditional storefront brands. The average acquisition growth rate is 40x faster than any other digital channel. 

The guest experience is simple, flexible and can support your desired guest WiFi policy. In this guide you’ll learn about how to select your wireless access points, designing your guest WiFi experience and a handful of customer success stories. 


The WiFi Marketing Playbook

Download the guide for best practices in setting up your storefront's wireless infrastructure and guest WiFi policy.

This guide covers best practices to help brands and businesses with a WiFi marketing strategy for their traditional storefronts. 

In today’s modern world, your audience is always connected, consuming different types of content, chatting with different people in multiple messaging platforms and browsing content simultaneously. 

Take a look at the folks waiting in line for their order — everyone is glued to their device. Look around your coffee shop, bar or restaurant — every customer has a device or two next to them or in their hand – consuming content, sharing content and making content

WiFi Marketing is an easy approach to connecting your traditional storefront customer experience with your digital channels like social media, your website and eCommerce store. 

1. Getting started with WiFi marketing

In this chapter we cover the basics of solid and scalable WiFi marketing strategy for brands and businesses who manage a traditional storefront. The first chapter covers what you need to know to get started in one location or multiple locations.

Get started.
  • Best practices for your WiFi infrastructure
  • Five things to consider before choosing your business WiFi service
  • How to select the right hardware access points
  • What you can learn from anonymous data and analytics

"GoGoGuest WiFi marketing with Square integration limits guests who camp at our Columbia University store. It also helps us re-market subscription offerings.

Anthony Kurutz, Owner
Plowshares Coffee

2. Designing your guest WiFi experience

A guest WiFi experience must not be solely about availability, connectivity and speed. 

Starbucks may have started the trend around “third places” where people can gather, relax, create and work in a coffee shop. The coffee giant did not think through how to best design a guest WiFi experience that does not take away from the barista’s experience or other guests.

The trend that Starbucks started trickled into specialty coffee shop experiences, which has created (before the pandemic) over crowding, bathrooms that are not well-maintained and often times the guest WiFi is barely usable. 

The WiFi Marketing Playbook cover topics on how to establish a guest WiFi policy that does not take away from the overall guest and staff experience. 

What to consider before offering free guest WiFi

  • Guest wifi policy
  • The benefits of guest WiFi integration with your POS
  • POS integrations we offer

86% of customer's are willing to spend more on products for a great customer experience.

See what is possible.

Talk to sales.

3. Digitalization of your storefront

Brands and businesses with a traditional storefront are tapping into anonymized in-store data through WiFi systems and other iOT devices with solutions like GoGoGuest.

Anonymized data like foot traffic and real-world customer journeys offer useful insights that help brands and businesses determine market audience size. This information is useful to determine a site’s business potential. 

In addition to understanding anonymized data, GoGoGuest’s integration with an ecosystem of POS systems, eCommerce and other digital platforms provides your brand and business with the complete picture of a customer’s journey. This makes cross-channel personalization possible and easy to implement for your marketing and customer teams.

Digitalization of your traditional storefronts is key to audience engagement

4. Cross-channel customer journeys

In our Customer Engagement Playbook, we mention why customer journeys are essential to elevating your brand’s customer experience across different touch-points.

At GoGoGuest, we consider guest WiFi, any point-of-purchase in-store or online and third-party applications unique touch points that offer insight to a customer’s interests and preferences. 

A WiFi marketing solution like GoGoGuest comes customer journey capabilities for email marketing and SMS Marketing. This makes it super easy for your marketing and customer teams to create a consistent and personalized experience for each customer. 

With a WiFi Marketing solution like GoGoGuest, a traditional storefront can run these customer journeys 

  • Welcome series  – A series of messages to introduce your brand and your different channels. 
  • Customer experience series – A good place to ask for feedback, reviews and referrals.  
  • Localized series – Armed with unique localized identifiers, your brand is able to personalize content for customers who live nearby.
  • App series – Are you a national brand with a recognizable app? Customer journeys at the national level, makes this customer journey feel more like campaigns

5. Customer success stories

The WiFi Marketing Playbook includes mini-case studies. You’ll learn how:

  • A guest WiFi policy with a purchase first before you connect increases the average purchase each visit by $12/hour for a specialty coffee shop in Fayetteville, AR
  • WiFi marketing for a quick service retail bar-b-que brand is able to reach and engage their local customers driving growth in online sales and online delivery.
  • WiFi marketing is the fastest channel to grow your customer lists. 40x faster than any other customer acquisition channel.

Next Steps

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to dive in and dig deeper. Have you read The WiFi Marketing Playbook? Produced by the GoGoGuest team, it offers actionable next steps and best practices on how to implement a guest WiFi policy with time-limits, increase customer acquisition and engagement through data-driven email marketing programs. 

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