How It Works




Your venue offers free WiFi Hotspot. With GoGoGuest, customers auto-connect to your WiFi with a unique and secure pin. Customers are automatically directed to your branded splash pages with in-seat ordering after a period of time.


Customer joins your Guest WiFi Hotspot by creating an account using a valid email address or social media login.



Gain the ability to retain, engage and bring your customers back via email and our location-aware coffee shop mobile app used by thousands of coffee and tea lovers.

Our Passion for Combining Experience,
Technology and Growth

We believe that imagination and experiences fuel creativity and innovation. By combining real-world in-store experiences and the power of our imagination, we’re able to challenge the cafe industry status quo and think about things differently. This is what we accomplished early on with GoGoGuest and will continue to do so as we grow as a company and as a brand.

Unlike other WiFi management and marketing solutions on the market today, GoGoGuest provides a simple and comprehensive solution that makes it easy for a coffee shop, pub, cafe or restaurant to:

  1. Build contact lists;  

  2. Automate their marketing for email and mobile app campaigns; and

  3. Grow their sales through innovative in-store commerce and subscriptions.

There is zero engineering or IT expertise necessary to use GoGoGuest - and we support our Sellers at EVERY step of the way. You’re not just buying a piece of software; you’re getting comprehensive help with onboarding and staff training to make sure your business can use this new platform successfully.


The Founders


Jessica Valenzuela,
co-founder, CEO

A naturalized American citizen with heritage from the Philippines, Jessica brings 15 years of experience working with enterprise companies and global brands to deliver mobile, eCommerce and digital media solutions. A natural entrepreneur, she’s helped build online universities, launched brands for Gwen Stefani, and delivered mobile content solutions for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. Jessica is resilient, imaginative and curious. She loves working on products that enrich people’s life experiences, solve inefficiencies, and deliver positive impact on the bottom line.

When asked what has been her most interesting learning experience from GoGoGuest, Jessica said: “I never thought I’d be learning so much about payments processing, fund flows and enriching in-store commerce experiences with a combination of Wi-Fi technology, data sets and algorithms.”  

With a company culture grounded on a blend of strong work ethic, self-management, and living life, Jessica spends her leisure time traveling, snowboarding, hiking, boxing/kickboxing or exploring local coffee shops, craft brew pubs and restaurants. She’s also self-enrolled in a number of courses including iOS app development, HTML/CSS, writing, and plans to add more courses down the road. She also co-parents her adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Mister Beckham.


Christopher O’Connor,
Technical co-founder, CTO

A natural entrepreneur and builder, Chris brings over 15 years of experience delivering results for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to co-founding GoGoGuest, Chris founded Taptera, an enterprise app developer, which successfully exited in 2016. He also spent over 5 years at Genentech, Inc. a publicly traded biotech company, leading global teams on multi-million dollar IT manufacturing projects.

Chris says that his most interesting learning experience from working on GoGoGuest has been: “I’ve had to teach myself a new set of coding tools, APIs and platforms from front end to payments to databases in less than a month. I also had to jump in and learn the code of engineers who worked on our MVP. It’s not easy, but when you see how the puzzle is all coming together it feels incredible.”

Chris graduated with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When not leading the GoGoGuest product development and engineering teams, coding or working with Jessica to develop strategy, he spends his personal time with his daughter Amelia who is 10 years old, learning new snowboarding tricks, kite surfing and traveling to local and international destinations.