GoGoGuest – Turn-Key Data And Customer Intelligence To Grow Your Restaurant

Every hello is an opportunity

Restaurants should never miss a chance to connect with your customers. Take every moment to craft meaningful conversations in any sales channel, in-store or online.



360 Customer Profiles

GoGoGuest seamlessly integrates with your POS systems and sales channels. We gather your customer data in one place, analyze and understand behavioral triggers to find opportunities for your restaurant to grow. You won't need an expensive data scientist or costly engineers.

Customer Journeys Triggered By Behavior

Each message from your restaurant is personalized based on behavioral triggers associated with each customer group or profile. Paving the way for better conversions and sales!

Send Smart Offers

Engage with your active customers and win back customers who have not visited in a while. Send offers that resonate with their behaviors and preferences.

Customer Engagement For Restaurants

GoGoGuest gives you the tools to easily learn about your guests’ preferences and engage with personalization.


Analytics and AI powered smart recommendations for your next best marketing aciton.


Gain a complete view of menu items purchased together across sales channels.


Create dynamic customer segments across product, demographic and buying behaviors.


Personalize your email marketing content and offers customer by customer group and individual preferences.

Seeing is believing

Unlock your restaurant concept’s growth potential with data-driven customer engagement that drives sales. 

GoGoGuest comes with restaurant specific customer engagement tools

Easy to implement data-driven customer engagement toolsets for brands that sell in-store and online.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Design and personalize loyalty programs that align with customer value. Reward your best customers, encourage the rest.


Elevate your in-store experience with guest wifi marketing. Gain immediate ROI.

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful and personalized email messages that customers are excited to see in their inbox.

SMS Marketing

Use SMS marketing for your high-value customers who simply love dining at your restaurant.

Resources to support you along the way

Coffee Shop Marketing Tips

As of 2020, there were 37,274 coffee shop stores in the United States. As an independent specialty coffee shop owner, an operator of a multi-location or franchise brand, the competition to gain consumers’ attention in your local market or multiple local markets is heating up. So, how can you market your business effectively, and what are some of the best coffee shop marketing tips you can use to help get you noticed? Let’s dive in!

Secrets To Successful QSR Marketing

We saw primary ordering channels shift from in-store to online ordering. Brands quickly saw the opportunities of online ordering and a connected digital marketing approach to engage local customers. Today, the trend is here to stay. As your business embraces these new trends, what QSR marketing strategies can you implement to capture all the opportunities that come with online ordering? Let’s explore!

What Is Market Basket Analysis

At GoGoGuest, Market Basket Analysis is a module that is part of our Analytics and AI platform. It helps brands predict customer behavior and find purchasing patterns. But if you’re a restaurant-type business, you may find yourself asking: what is Market Basket Analysis? And even more importantly, how can it help you? Large and multi-location hospitality, quick service retailers, retail brands, and restaurants use Market Basket Analysis to unlock information at the purchase level.

Incredible organizations we support

From startups to retail brands, hospitality, restaurants and coffeeshops trust GoGoGuest.

See It In Action

Personalization increases sales activity 6X more

Data, customer analytics and insights are essential to a successful personalization strategy.