Every hello is an opportunity

Never miss a chance to connect with your customers. Be it on their inbox, device or your physical store, website and third-party applications. Take every moment to create meaningful conversations with GoGoGuest’s cross-channel customer engagement solution.

Cross-Channel Customer Engagement


Complete View Of Your Customer

Gain a complete view of your customers' key attributes and customer groups. Easily connect systems you already use.

Understand and Refine

Empower your marketing and customer teams with good data and key insights into your customers' behavior.

Thoughtful Personalization

Show customers you're listening with personalized automated messages, push notifications and content that reflects their interests, location, behaviors, previous purchases and more.

Send Smarter Offers

Easily test and refine messaging, product offerings, promotions or rewards with the assistance of Anya, our AI marketing engine with built-in basket analysis.


GoGoGuest unifies customer data from your business systems to elevate and personalize customer engagement at every touch point in-store or online.

Customer Groups

Engage your audience by key attributes, interests, location and purchase behavior.

Customer Journeys

Create dynamic customer set and forget messaging triggered by their most recent behavior.

Create and Send

Deliver email, SMS, targeted web responses and social ads in one platform.


Analytics and AI powered smart recommendations for your next best marketing aciton.

Seeing is believing

Unlock your brand’s growth potential with data-rich customer engagement.

Data-rich cross-channel customer engagement

Easy to implement data-driven customer engagement toolsets for brands that sell in-store and online.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Design and personalize loyalty programs that align with LTV. Reward your best customers, motivate the rest.

Storefront Marketing

Learn from real-world customer journeys, while offering guest WiFi with time-limits and a purchase from day 1!

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful and elegant, targeted messages that customers want in their inbox.

SMS Marketing

Easily create and send targeted SMS campaigns with rich and personalized content.

Resources to support you along the way

The Customer Engagement Guide For Brands Of All Sizes

An actionable customer engagement guide for brands that sell in-store and online.

How We Help Create Unified Customer Experiences

Unlock secrets by understanding data from all your ordering and purchasing channels.

Why Is Email Marketing Bigger Than Facebook?

Email marketing is an essential channel to grow your business.

Incredible organizations we support

From startups to retail brands, hospitality, restaurants and coffeeshops trust GoGoGuest.

See It In Action

Leverage good data to humanize customer experiences

See your campaign performance, measure what’s working and sharpen your customer engagement strategy across the organization.