Restaurant Loyalty Programs fit for your guests and your goals.

A Loyalty Program fit for your guests and your goals.

Flexible Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Build restaurant loyalty programs exclusive to you and tailored to your guests. Integrates with your existing POS and systems to increase customer engagement.

How GoGoGuest helps you build restaurant loyalty programs

Unique Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Go beyond the tired “1 point per $1” system to loyalty and rewards programs that engage restaurant guests and drive sales.

ROI on every reward

Are your loyalty reward redemptions driving revenue? GoGoGuest runs a sales effectiveness analysis of your existing restaurant loyalty program to see how it’s working for you and your guests.

Robust guest loyalty engine

Our customer loyalty engine frictionlessly integrates with your restaurant's existing POS and online ordering systems.

Offer guests exclusive rewards

From day one, have an intuitive restaurant loyalty program that sends guests tailored offers just for them.

What You Get With Restaurant Loyalty Program Tools:

A computer screen with a paintbrush designing an image to represent custom program designs

Custom loyalty program designs

Choose a program type or mix and match, and customize to fit your goals and needs.

A shinny diamond to represent high-value

Know your high-value guests

Your front-of-the house team will know high-value customers the moment they place an order.

A Customer in the Center of a circle with a message directed to him specifically

Personalized recommendations

Strengthen guest relationships by recommending dishes or drinks that fit their profile.

A check circle in the middle of the graph and other circles linked to the main one to represent easy multi-channel redemption

Easy multi-channel redemption

Rewards are easily visible and redeemable in-app for guests who prefer to order online.

A gear in the center of the image with two arrows to show movement and to represent frictionless implementation

Frictionless implementation

Integration with your POS, eCommerce and third-party apps to align with rewards program.

A square with an X in the center with a bigger square around to represent no hardware

No other hardware needed

No hardware or expensive engineers required – GoGoGuest does all the heavy lifting for you.

Brands we’ve partnered with

Edley's bbq logo, famous nashville fast-casual restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
Blue Oak bbq logo, a fast-casual restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
Pancho and Lefty logo, a cantina that partnered with GoGoGuest
Fiction Coffee logo, a coffee shop that partnered with GoGoGuest
Slowpokes logo, a coffee shop and roastery that partnered with GoGoGuest
Cafe Fiore logo, an award winning restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
PLNT Burger logo, a fast casual vegan restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
The Gramercy logo, a full service restaurant and club that partnered with GoGoGuest
Himmel Haus logo, a Full service German restaurant and taproom that partnered with GoGoGuest
KiKi On The River logo, a full service restaurant and bar that partnered with GoGoGuest
Serafina Miami logo, a full service italian restaurant that partnered with GoGoGuest
South Lake Brewing logo, a brewery that partnered with GoGoGuest

Build Your Own Restaurant Loyalty Programs

We work with you to craft unique restaurant loyalty programs that resonate with your guests and target audience so you can create happy guests and increase transactions.

Pick Your Restaurant Loyalty Program Adventure

With GoGoGuest, you get to be in control. Choose from our 3 main restaurant loyalty program types, or we’ll customize one for your brand.

Earn & Burn

Digital punch card program

Our most popular loyalty program. The “Earn & Burn” program is easy to implement and simply encourages guests to keep purchasing to earn more points, which can be redeemed for future items.

  • Point system designed based on your restaurant’s average purchase per visit
  • Reset the program every 6 months or yearly
  • Guests are encouraged to get to the next level for new rewards
  • Offer ad-hoc rewards for high-value guests


Quest centered program

Designed for exclusivity. The Tiered program allows guests to achieve access to more perks by advancing to higher membership levels, or tiers. This encourages additional spending for unique access to privileges.

  • Encourages guests to make continued purchases to maintain status
  • Creates exclusivity
  • Opportunity for highly personalized brand experiences
  • Option to reset the program every 6 months to 12 months


Just join - earn perks for all!

For brands that want to grow awareness and loyalty, the Perks loyalty program offers perks to all program members, unconditionally.

  • Focus on highlighting products and services unique to your brand to all
  • Comprehensive cross-channel guest engagement strategy
  • Grows loyalty through recurring purchases both in-store and online
  • Option to reset the program every 6 months to 12 months

I’m Ready For Raving Fans

Why Personalization Matters

3 Loyalty Laws

Our restaurant loyalty programs are creative and flexible for brands of all sizes.

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Info for better rewards

The logic is simple: consumers want more discounts, and they want offers tailored to them for things they already want to buy. 87% of guests are open to brands monitoring their activity in exchange for personalized rewards.

0 %

Will purchase again after incentive

Personalized offers are the gifts that keep on giving. 75% of guests are likely to make another purchase after receiving an incentive – which means they won’t just come in for that discount, but they’ll even purchase more without the discount!

0 %

Will trade brand loyalty for incentives

Even when a consumer is loyal to another brand, 18% will always choose you over the other one if you have rewards. So go ahead, personalize those offers and get some converts!

The GoGoGuest Method For Guest Journey Marketing

It's easy to get started

Our Customer Data Platform lets you see the entire guest journey through their purchase patterns, from their first purchase through each time they pick a new trend or favorite. Here’s how that translates to personalized marketing efforts, in real time:

Test, Refine & Repeat

"GoGoGuest is our preferred partner for in-store WiFi marketing. We're consolidating all our guest programs including loyalty, email and SMS under GoGoGuest because personalization has proven to be valuable for our guests."

Afif Baltagi

Owner, Slowpokes Coffee & Roastery

We Offer Restaurant Loyalty Programs For


Quick Start Package

Need a jumpstart?

All the support you need to set up email, SMS and digital marketing for success, fast. We’ll help you build a roadmap to launch, set up your account, provide personalized training, and do an initial assessment of list health.

Strategic Services

Dig into your data, insights and opportunities

An annual service that provides you with a full implementation team focused on executing a comprehensive guest engagement program for your business and brand. Our team of experts will work with you to keep an eye on key delivery metrics, share best practices and make specific recommendations to continuously improve your overall digital guest experience.

World-Class Customer Service & Support

You’re determined to succeed. We’re determined to help. Learn why both young and established organizations trust GoGoGuest. See what we’re about.

GoGoGuest rises above other options because:

A flexible platform that’s made for the restaurant industry

Brands who choose GoGoGuest see 40% more new guests and 32% more loyal fans.

Create excitement and sales à la personalization.

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How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

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How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

Young man with a laptop, a cellphone and headphones smiling in a coffee shop

6 Restaurant Data Trends You Need To Follow In 2022

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