GoGoGuest – Customer Intelligence For Restaurants

Let customers be your guide

Dynamic customer segmentation gives you the flexibility to filter your customer lists using variable data like products, location, time and sales channel.



Understand Your Customers

It's not as simple as collecting the data. We go deeper by understanding and finding insights using our proprietary machine learning models.

Gain Customer Insights

GoGoGuest understands your data, presents analytics and insights to optimize your next campaign and customer journey.

Connect The Dots That Drive Sales

Now that we've discovered common patterns within cohorts and customer segments, we can start optimizing each journey and campaign to drive results.

A single-view of your customer

Gain a clear view of your customers with our dynamic customer profiles. Capture each interaction and engagement across channels and touchpoints, as they happen.

Connect the dots

Gain unparalleled precision and personalization with a seamless flow of data from business systems you already use like your POS, WiFi, website, eCommerce platform and third-party applications. No data scientists or analysts needed. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Ready to be data-driven?

Great restaurant concepts are built on delivering delight in every customer interaction. Let us show you how customer groups and data infused customer engagement grows customer loyalty.

Consumer behaviors that drive sales

Every customer experience is an opportunity to learn new key customer attributes. Use our smart segmentation tools to gain a deeper view into audience and customer preferences.

Design Loyalty ProgramsThat Create Value

Say good-bye to boring customer loyalty programs.

Resources to support you along the way

QSR Marketing Strategies That Work In 2021 & Beyond

We saw primary ordering channels shift from in-store to online ordering. Brands quickly saw the opportunities of online ordering and a connected digital marketing approach to engage local customers. Read these staff tips on how to use digital marketing tools to grow your fast-casual restaurant in 2021 and beyond!

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Segmentation

Marketing segmentation or customer groups is a tool that most marketing platforms offer. It allows you to view, access and create personalized campaigns, by customer segment. What's unique about GoGoGuest segmentation tools is that it is dynamic and directly syncs up with your cloud POS data and other systems you already use.

How Profitable Should My Restaurant Be?

How profitable are restaurants? They can be very profitable in terms of overall money coming in or total profits, but the problem comes in after costs with profit margins, which are typically not very high. See a break-down of restaurant startup costs and a strategy on how to grow your audience even before your open date.

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We’ll show you how to take your customers through a food sensory experience that is unique to your brand.

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