Let customers be your guide

Customer groups should influence your entire approach to engagement. Gain a complete view of your audience by purchase data, interests and engagement behavior from in-store and online channels. Use the power of GoGoGuest customer groups to organize customers by their key attributes and behavior.



Complete Customer Portraits

See a comprehensive profile of customer groups by purchase data, interest and engagement behavior. Deeply personalize every message.

Gain Cross-Channel Insights

With seamless updates from your POS, eCommerce, email, SMS and apps, GoGoGuest sends actionable marketing data and insights to your CRM.

One Customer Portrait, Multiple Customer Groups

Marketers are empowered to test and iterate which customer portraits respond and convert to specific engagement channels and offers.

Iterate And Refine

Further refine and personalize your brand's cross-channel engagement strategy for each customer group.

Build a clear customer portrait

Gain a clear view of your customers with our dynamic customer profiles. Capture each interaction and engagement across channels and touchpoints.

No waiting time

Gain unparalleled precision and personalization with a seamless flow of data from business systems you already use like your POS, WiFi, website, eCommerce platform and third-party applications,

Predict new behavior

Every customer experience is an opportunity to learn new key customer attributes. Use our smart segmentation tools to gain a deeper view into audience and customer preferences.

Deliver Delight

Great brands are built on delivering delight in every customer interaction. Let us show you how customer groups and data infused customer engagement grows customer loyalty.

Design Loyalty ProgramsThat Create Value

Say good-bye to boring customer loyalty programs.

Resources to support you along the way

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