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Data humanizes your brand

It all starts with gathering your customer data from across your restaurant’s sales channels. Align operations, marketing and sales teams with a single source of truth. Let customers be your guide.





Eliminate Data Inconsistencies

Data inconsistencies occur when information from parallel systems do not connect in one central place. Earn valuable time for your restaurant marketing and operations teams and reduce errors with GoGoGuest data warehousing solutions.

Use Accurate and Good Data

GoGoGuest Data Warehousing provides an organized view of customer purchase patterns by location and sales channel. GoGoGuest does the heavy lifting of cleaning, organizing and finding useful data and insights. It's like having a data scientist or data analyst on your team!

Dynamic Customer Groups

Effortlessly create dynamic customer groups from millions of customer profiles in seconds. Simply add rules and data variables for a more in-depth view of your customer buying patterns.

Millions of data in one place

GoGoGuest Data Warehousing seamlessly integrates with your POS system, eCommerce platform and third-party applications. This means all your customer data from different sources are unified in one place. The data warehousing process is performed automatically and presented in views that is most useful for your restaurant marketing and operations teams.

Dynamic customer segmentation

Restaurant marketing teams can easily plan and program marketing campaigns based on specific customer segments and business value.  GoGoGuest customer segmentation gives you the tools to easily understand buying behaviors that motivate each segment.


Every minute, your restaurant concept captures millions of data about what customers love about your business.  Let your customers be your guide.

Engagement that drive results

Restaurant cloud POS technologies are extending consumers’ purchasing channels to their device. With GoGoGuest, restaurant concepts of all sizes own the customer relationship and engagement process. We help you easily align outreach, offers and loyalty programs with buying patterns.

Resources To Support You Along The Way

How To Achieve A Unified Customer Experience

The goal of a unified customer experience is to increase both the frequency of customer visits and the size of average orders, thereby driving revenue and sales. With the right data and insights, you can sell more to your best customers by providing them with a better experience.

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Segmentation?

How do you personalize your brand’s customer engagement and grow a loyal base of customers across ordering channels, especially when data exchange is not seamless from one channel to another? Here are some of the best loyalty program ideas for restaurants.

How To Place And Choose An Access Point For Your Biz?

If you are planning to open a coffee shop, restaurant-type business QSR, craft brewery or a retail experience store, you will need network connectivity. This handy guide will walk you through a few essential tips to think about when choosing the right wireless cloud access points for your business.

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GoGoGuest is a part of a growing ecosystem of cloud POS technologies. 

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