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Reliable temporary smart WiFi.

Power your festival or event with reliable WiFi service and gain real-world insights that seamlessly integrate with your digital assets.

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Digital tools experiential agencies and brands rely on for real-world activation.

Learning from real-world insights is essential to how This Is MKG creates experiences that connects with a brand’s audience.

Festivals and Events

All the features you need to activate a brand in the real-world and online.

  • Offer a secure temporary guest WiFi amenity.
  • Grow your email lists.
  • Send brand-activation content.
  • See consumer journey insights in the real-world.
  • Send post survey visits.
  • See a complete guest profile.
  • Integrate real-world insights with your CRM. (optional)

Reliable temporary WiFi with smart activation features.

Learn from real-world insights. Grow your email lists. 

Festivals and Events

All the digital tools you need to reopen and restore your business and brand.

Experience our speedy on-boarding and a customer team dedicated to your success!

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