Reliable temporary smart WiFi.

Power your festival or event with reliable WiFi service and gain real-world insights that seamlessly integrate with your digital assets.

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Digital tools experiential agencies and brands rely on for real-world activation.

Learning from real-world insights is essential to how This Is MKG creates experiences that connects with a brand’s audience.

Festivals and Events

All the features you need to activate a brand in the real-world and online.

  • Offer a secure temporary guest WiFi amenity.
  • Grow your email lists.
  • Send brand-activation content.
  • See consumer journey insights in the real-world.
  • Send post survey visits.
  • See a complete guest profile.
  • Integrate real-world insights with your CRM. (optional)

Reliable temporary WiFi with smart activation features.

Learn from real-world insights. Grow your email lists. 

Festivals and Events

All the digital tools you need to reopen and restore your business and brand.

Experience our speedy on-boarding and a customer team dedicated to your success!

  • GoGoGuest Is Our Preferred Partner @ Coachella

    GoGoGuest Is Our Preferred Partner @ Coachella

    “Making a brand feel more human through the experiences we create is why This Is MKG excels in festival activations. GoGoGuest makes it super easy for us to offer a guest WiFi amenity and providing us with real-world customer journey data and insights to better understand Absolut Vodka’s audience at Coachella. 

    Nissa Rhodes
    Associate Program Manager
  • The DoDo's Best Dog Day Ever

    The DoDo's Best Dog Day Ever

    “Running Oct. 4 to Oct. 27, 2019 with 15 days total days of activations, the “Best Dog Day Ever: Halloween Edition” is the largest experiential event to date for The Dodo, and is expected to attract 8,000 to 10,000 pet owners—roughly six times the number of attendees the event saw last year. We wanted to take this opportunity to learn more about audience by providing a guest WiFi amenity by GoGoGuest.”

    Angelica Pasqualone
    Account Executive
  • Canon Portals in New York City and LA

    Canon Portals in New York City and LA

    “We relied 100% GoGoGuest for planning, logistics, installation and management of our temporary WiFi for our New York City and LA pop up shows. It was stress free, plus the captive portal, audience data and insights was such a great bonus for Canon.”

    Andi Yancho
    Account Manager

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