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PAR Brink POS Integrations with GoGoGuest

The PAR Brink POS and GoGoGuest integrations

PAR Brink POS integrations work seamlessly with GoGoGuest. The two work together as third-party integration partners so you can use your existing POS and harness the power of customer analytics, insights and omni-channel engagement.

Built for the enterprise and franchise brands

Brink POS is a point-of-sale platform for restaurants that is built for both Enterprise and franchise restaurants.

Guest intelligence at your fingertips

GoGoGuest is a guest intelligence platform for restaurants that need more than the day-to-day operational inputs and outputs to deeply connect the dots between what their guests are buying, when, where and at what cost across multiple data sources. 

Meet customers where they are

Today’s consumer is everywhere with multiple devices. They’re shopping on-the-move on mobile (58% of traffic), browsing on desktop (39% of traffic), and heading back into brick-and-mortar stores. And while this report focuses on digital, remember your digital channels are an integral party of keeping your customer lifecycle vibrant and active.

How do GoGoGuest + Brink POS integrations work to help you do even more for your business?

Here's how we work together:

Grow First Party Data


GoGoGuest gives you the edge to seamlessly gather all your guest intelligence from your POS, online ordering, reservation systems, WiFi, third-party apps and eCommerce in one place.

  • POS systems
  • Wifi
  • E-Commerce
  • Online and Contactless
  • Ordering
  • Inventory
  • Third-party delivery apps
  • Reservations

Operators Can Easily:

Learn from customer analytics

A complete up-to-date customer profile to better understand their preferences.

  • Effectively allocate marketing resources to drive ROI by sales channel
  • Streamline marketing operations from anywhere
  • Discover new opportunities before your competitors and spot operational risks before they turn into huge mistakes

Empower Your Teams

Encourage proactive thinking

We help you use your data for marketing campaigns, menu updates and more to maximize your profit and your guests’ appetites.

  • GoGoGuest’s pre-made customer journeys let you craft moment-to-moment customer engagement that keeps up with changes in real time.
  • Your restaurant is able to effortlessly deliver a personalized experience from every digital touch-point.

GoGoGuest has the secret Ingredients for your restaurant's success​

We transform your restaurant data into bite-sized pieces that are easy to access and understand by the marketing, operations and sales team, so you can unlock your restaurant's keys to success.

How our guest engagement program helps grow revenue by sales channel.

Together With PAR - Brink POS

Food service business categories we support

A fast casual restaurant plate on the way to be delivered
Fast Casual
A Full service restaurant showing a plate, a fork and a spoon
A hot and tasty cup of coffee from a coffee shop
Coffee Shops
Two glasses of beer toasting at a bar or taproom
Taprooms & Bars
A small store from a food hall showing a cook inside
Food Halls
An open food truck
Food Trucks
A cloud with a fork, a knife and a spoon to represent a cloud kitchen
Cloud Kitchens

Frictionless Restaurant Transformation

Whether you're operating one location or 1,000 restaurant units, GoGoGuest gives you the power to integrate your first-party data from PAR Brink POS® and connect it with other data sources. GoGoGuest makes it easy for you and your teams to design and implement transformational data-driven marketing, operations and sales programs that are frictionless for your franchise and multi-location restaurant brands and their guests. 

You're determined to succeed. We're determined to help.

Learn why young franchise restaurant operators and established franchise restaurant brands trust GoGoGuest. See what we’re about.

A graphic describing how franchise restaurants powered by PAR Technology can work with GoGoGuest

How we support restaurants powered by PAR - Brink POS

A 360-View Of Your Franchise System

Enterprise brands rely on PAR Technology – Brink POS to create lasting relationships with every customer they serve. GoGoGuest makes it easy for multi-location concepts to create personalized guest-centric programs that are transparent across your organization.

GoGoGuest offers an easily scalable guest intelligence platform designed to integrate seamlessly and keep up with Brink POS through its open API. Owners and operators can discover and implement new programs based on key guest intelligence information, all without hiring costly data analysts, data engineers or building a customer data management platform that will be expensive to maintain.

Curious About How We Can Optimize Your PAR-Brink Technology Stack?

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How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

Young man with a laptop, a cellphone and headphones smiling in a coffee shop

6 Restaurant Data Trends You Need To Follow In 2022

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