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Harness the power of your data from your other favorite solutions. Use GoGoGuest to seamlessly connect millions in-store and online interactions in seconds.

Unlock Your Data

Gain direct access to your customers to retain, engage and grow customer loyalty.

Data Sync

Automatically sync all your good data from systems you use for deeper personalization.


Never miss a chance to connect with your customers. Be it on their inbox, device, in-store or online.

Customer Loyalty

Design a loyalty program for each customer group. The path to loyalty is about individual value over time.


Comprehensive basket analysis and campaign recommendations powered by analytics and AI.

Grow in-store and online

Square merchants of all sizes are leaning on GoGoGuest for their single source of customer truth in-store and online.

Cross-channel growth solutions

Your average modern consumer expects a level of personalization that comes with giving up information. With GoGoGuest, customer profiles are enhanced with data and insights from your POS, WiFi, online ordering and other data sources.

End-to-end customer engagement and loyalty

With the GoGoGuest NCR integration, merchants have the power to drive and grow customer loyalty across channels including from POS, WiFi, online ordering and third-party apps with 

Unleash your business potential

Data is the backbone for every company to grow. See GoGoGuest in action.


Best-In-Class Cloud Technologies

Empowering brands and businesses of any size.

Resources to support you along the way

A Guide For Coffee Shop Marketers

As an independent specialty coffee shop owner, an operator of a multi-location or franchise brand, the competition to gain consumers’ attention in your local market or multiple local markets is heating up. So, how can you market your business effectively, and what are some of the best coffee shop marketing tips you can use to help get you noticed? Let’s dive in!

Secrets To Successful QSR Marketing In 2021

Despite the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, brands quickly saw the opportunities of online ordering and a connected digital marketing approach to reach customers. This trend is here to stay. What QSR digital marketing strategies can you implement to capture all the opportunities that come with online ordering? Let’s explore!

What Are The Benefits Of A Unified Customer Experience?

Based on each type of customer’s previous pattern of engagement behavior, you can reach out to customers with specific, relevant, personalized, and timely messages. We can help you identify and separate your high-value customers and target them for even more high-impact offers and transactional content.


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