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What is PAR Tech - Brink?

You don’t need a team of expensive data analysts to identify what your guests want. GoGoGuest’s suite of customer intelligence solutions simplifies your data into easy-to-understand dashboards, helping you attract more customers and eventually turn them into raving fans.

Whether you operate one location or 1,000, GoGoGuest gives you the power to quickly pull in first-party data from PAR Brink POS® and combine it with other sources, including a location’s guest WiFi or eCommerce platforms, to create a 360-degree view of your restaurant.

GoGoGuest equips you with the data you need to create targeted marketing campaigns, grow your business, and supercharge your loyalty program.


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Restaurant Customer Analytics
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Restaurant Customer Insights Powered By GoGoGuest

Enterprise brands rely on Brink POS to create lasting relationships with every customer they serve. GoGoGuest allows multi-location concepts to create dynamic marketing and loyalty programs, keep up with the latest trends, and turn everyday guests into longtime supporters.

GoGoGuest is an easily scalable solution designed to integrate seamlessly and keep up with Brink POS through its open API, giving owners unrivaled access to guest experience data. Owners and operators can discover and implement new programs based on key customer intelligence information, all without hiring costly data analysts.

Who We Serve Together

GoGoGuest is available for restaurant concepts as part of a monthly subscription or enterprise package and features a wide array of solutions, including:

GoGoGuest is a solution capable of unlocking opportunities for every restaurant, from the independent coffee shop on the corner to the largest fast-casual and quick-service enterprise brands.

No matter your industry or the number of locations you operate, GoGoGuest aligns your marketing and operations information with continued sales growth and performance. Our tools make it easy to unlock insights to drive revenue and make decisions backed by data.

  • Collect and combine data from multiple sources to create a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Connect with customers on a personal level using Marketing & Sales Performance data
  • Help you spot trends, patterns, and opportunities with real-time Restaurant Customer Analytics

Better customer intelligence data + easy-to-use dashboards = less time analyzing information and more time delighting guests.

Simply request for the integration from your PAR Tech – Brink POS contact or talk to someone at GoGoGuest.

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Yaneli Sanchez

Director of Operations, Intazza

Pete Poulis

CEO, Restaurant Consulting Group

Brett Thompson

Partner, Intazza Coffee

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Better customer intelligence data + easy-to-use dashboards = less time analyzing information and more time delighting guests.