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What is PAR Tech - Brink?

PAR Tech – Brink is the preferred all-in-one restaurant point of sale solution, built for the Enterprise, yet flexible enough for the independent restaurant owner, featuring a monthly SaaS subscription, POS Software, POS Hardware, Services, Integrations Ecosystem, and Payment all in one place.

GoGoGuest is a certified PAR Tech – Brink POS integration partner. Fast-casual and full-service restaurant brands integrate their PAR system with GoGoGuest for data management, customer intelligence, analytics and AI.  We can easily and seamlessly expand uses of your PAR data to your in-store guest WiFi, your brand’s unique loyalty program and customer engagement touch points like email, SMS or your own app.


Customer Data Management
Analytics and AI
Customer Engagement
Revenue Management
Customer Loyalty
WiFi Marketing with Time-Limits


Ready to optimize your restaurant's revenue and profitability?

Turn Your Data Into Profit

Identify gaps and opportunities to grow revenue and optimize your profitability.  With GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence you can finally connect the missing pieces and pinpoint critical information like:

  • Drive cross-channel customer engagement
  • Design the perfect profitable menu by ordering channel
  • Expand your customer loyalty program
  • Better manage guest usable space 
  • And so much more! 

Who We Serve Together

Multi-location and franchise systems who wishes to centralize all customer engagement across locations, channels and multiple brands can use GoGoGuest.

Use our Brink – Partech WiFi integration to better manage guest usable space. Gather foot traffic and real-world customer insights. Grow customer loyalty with our data-rich customer engagement multi-channel toolsets.

There is no waiting time. No need to download and upload CSV files across multiple systems. Better understand revenue driving customer experiences by gathering all your data, analytics and insights in one place.

Get the data you need to automate or trigger smart email or SMS messages for your in-store or online customers based on key customer behavior and attributes. 

Gain access to our powerful market basket analysis, deep analytics and AI to empower operations and marketing teams.

Optimize your in-store data with smart segmentations and customer journey powered automations on email or SMS to grow your online channels.

See a clear picture of customer groups and where they are in the customer lifecycle for your brand. Design and support milestone based customer loyalty programs for growth!

Restaurant Type Businesses We Serve Together

Yaneli Sanchez

Director of Operations, Intazza

Pete Poulis

CEO, Restaurant Consulting Group

Brett Thompson

Partner, Intazza Coffee

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Harness the power of our growing ecosystem. Use GoGoGuest in concert with an ever-wider range of technologies.

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