GoGoGuest – Customer Intelligence For Restaurants

Revolutionize Your Restaurant With Customer Intelligence

Connect the dots between guest behavior and sales opportunities without hiring an expensive data scientist or data engineer.

GoGoGuest allows you to quickly gather all your customer first-party data across Toast’s channels and connect them with other systems you already have, like guest WiFi or eCommerce. Use the data you collect to identify behavioral patterns and plan your next action to attract customers, win their business, and grow your loyalty program.


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What is GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence for Restaurants?

The GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence platform comes with these solutions:*

*Available as part of a monthly subscription or enterprise package.

Who We Serve Together

Understanding guest behavior is critical to staying ahead of the trends, building powerful marketing and loyalty programs, and converting casual customers into your biggest fans.

Combine Toast’s powerful POS system with GoGoGuest’s Customer Intelligence platform to easily extend the guest experience across multiple sales channels and far outside your restaurant’s walls. Discover key customer insights and elements of your business typically invisible to the naked eye – all without the need for an expensive data scientist or engineering team.

GoGoGuest is a solution for restaurants of all sizes to align their marketing and operations with sales performance. Unlock actionable insights to stay ahead of trends and make informed

  • Collect and combine data from multiple sources to create a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Help you spot trends, patterns, and opportunities with real-time Restaurant Customer Analytics
  • Connect with customers on a personal level using Marketing & Sales Performance data.

Search for GoGoGuest in the Toast Partner Connect dashboard and request the integration. Make sure to include your contact information.

360 Guest Intelligence

Restaurant And Franchise Brands We Serve Together


Owner, Harajuku Taproom


Owner, Edley's BAR-B-QUE

Thomas Scott_Operator_Just Love Coffee Cafe_Franchise_TN


Operator, Just Love Coffee Cafe

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