Listen, analyze and do more with your data.

GoGoGuest is a modern business intelligence platform for brands of any size One source of truth. Run your business with data from systems you already use.

One source of truth

One source of truth

With simple API connections to your existing systems, including WiFi marketing analytics, website and eCommerce analytics and POS, GoGoGuest will collect and prepare your data into comprehensive and visual graphs that can be shared among team members.

Data-driven organization

Data-driven organization

Gain a complete view of your business health. Create custom views, reports and insights for senior executives, managers and team members. Getting everyone on the same page with real-time data has never been easier. 

Build customer facing apps

Build customer facing apps

Put your data to work in customer experience apps that drive revenue and performance. Power your loyalty programs, offer rewards driven by customer value and focus on your most valuable customers to increase sales.

Content creation and marketing automation

Content creation and marketing automation

Powerful content creation, delivery and marketing automation at scale. Find and engage the right customer at the right time. Build and nurture long-term relationships with those customers. Increase revenue by focusing sales on the most promising prospects.

Elevate your customer experience

Elevate your customer experience

Gain real-world and digital insights. Design digital-first and real-world customer journeys to help your brand understand new behaviors as they happen. Focus on retaining existing customers, direct customers to happier paths and nurture new customer relationships.

Build trust with transparency

Build trust with transparency

Build trust among internal teams and your customers by being proactive and transparent. Retain customers with empathy and deliver value through meaningful personalized experiences.

See your data in action.

Find answers to questions you didn't know to ask with comprehensive data and marketing analytics by GoGoGuest.

Love your analytics.

Create content, personalize your message and automate at the right moment.

Marketing Analytics And Insights

Help your brand understand customer behaviors with marketing analytics and insights

  • Learn about customer preferences 
  • Understand purchase habits
  • Gain audience insights from A/B tests
  • Experiment with product combinations and offerings
  • Accelerate high-margin offerings during peak hours
  • Discover new behaviors through customer journey patterns
  • Find answers to questions you never asked.
Marketing Analytics And Insights

Empower your operations, marketing and customer experience teams to build lasting customer relationships

  • Build long-lasting customer relationships with empathy 
  • Set measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) 
  • Foster data-driven experiments and innovation
  • Elevate guest experience
  • Drive high-ROI
Marketing Analytics And Insights

Increase revenue by focusing on your most valuable customers.

  • Create transparency
  • Retain customers with empathy
  • Deliver meaningful and personalized experiences 
  • Inform customers about new products they love
  • Send birthday greetings and VIP special offers
  • Reward guests for being your top fan
  • Drop unique shopper offers for a select group of customers
  • Grow your audience with contests, referrals and rewards

Let’s get started.

  • Select your subscription that best fits your business
  • Super charge with comprehensive data analytics and marketing insights
  • Empower your business. Find true power in your data.
Marketing Analytics And Insights

“GoGoGuest makes it simple and easy for us to create and send personalized content to customers with a variety of buying interests and spending power. Learning from customer behaviors and patterns is a powerful growth marketing tool.”

Janet Grady

Prism Marketing, Founder and President

GoGoGuest powers businesses of any size with data-driven digital tools.

  • CMOs


  • Food and Beverage Marketers

    Food and Beverage Marketers

  • Store Managers

    Store Managers

  • Experiential Agencies

    Experiential Agencies

  • Franchisees and Franchisors

    Franchisees and Franchisors

  • Independent Business Owners

    Independent Business Owners

GoGoGuest puts your data to work.

Listen, analyze and act on your data.

  • One source of truth for your entire organization
  • One click connections for WiFi marketing and analytics, POS systems, website analytics and eCommerce 
  • Automated data set up, which means you’re up and running in a few days!
  • Data visualization for senior executives, managers and customer facing teams
  • Build customer facing apps, powered by your own data 
  • Create and send content using marketing automation
  • A/B test your creative
  • Measure campaign performance 
  • Grow your audience
  • Find your best customers
  • Sell more high-margin products in each market
  • Establish transparency and accountability among team members
  • Measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) 
  • Single account log-in for businesses with multiple locations
  • Customer success and support
  • Dedicated account manager
Marketing Analytics And Insights