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Since 2016, GoGoGuest has been revolutionizing the food service industry with guest relationship intelligence. Are you ready to get to know your guests and reach your next level of success?

Who We Are

GoGoGuest is an intuitive guest relationship platform that empowers restaurants of any size to effortlessly incentivize and strengthen connections with people across all sales channels.

We're On A Mission

For our restaurants

Our mission is to give restaurant businesses access to data consolidation and empower them to use value-driven insights for people-based marketing decisions that skyrocket success.

For our partners

We are an open ecosystem that integrates with third-party apps and software as allies. We seek to partner and collaborate with innovative technology solutions who seek to create brilliant experiences for their guests.

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Third-party apps
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For communities

We believe that more successful local businesses create a tremendous opportunity for communities through connection, hospitality, and innovation. Data knowledge allows brands to create more human experiences for guests in an ever-isolated world. We believe that making a difference can start with relationship-focused businesses.

We Value

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty starts with our internal interactions and decisions. We value behavior that is straightforward, genuine and sincere because when our customers succeed, so do we! We view all our relationships through the lens of both present and future, because our platform continues to help you scale as you go.

Data Privacy and Security

We respect and value the privacy of all consumers. We adhere to permission-based engagement and the strictest privacy regulations and standards. To protect consumer data, GoGoGuest invests heavily in resilient security and constant innovation of our product.

Our Purpose

We exist to make data consolidation, knowledge and strong guest relationships frictionless for restaurants and frictionless for their guests to make restaurant success easy.

Most restaurants lack access and methods to organize the data that holds the keys to unlock their success. Today, restaurants that personalize guest interactions are growing in spite of challenges. GoGoGuest gives you a 360-degree view of all your guests and suggests the best ways to take action to increase ROI.

Here’s to Breaking Down Barriers

We won’t leave you with a mound of data. Here are the concrete ways we’ll help your restaurant take action:

We Answer Questions Like:

No more “spray and pray” marketing. We empower you to send personalized emails in real time to help you create raving fans.

With timely sending that changes when guests do, down to the minute, we’ll help you send offers that match your guests’ habits and preferences.

We help you curate specific loyalty programs tailored to groups of like-minded guests so people will choose you, over and over again.

Harness the power of unified data à la GoGoGuest to tweak, design, up-sell and cross-sell items and offers to guests based on purchase patterns, product mix and profitability.

Ready To Bring Us Into The Kitchen?

GoGoGuest is a subscription platform that works for everyone, from independent owners to multi-location brands and everything in-between.

Our Customer Service Team is Dedicated to Your Success

Easy & fast set-up

Flexible monthly subscriptions

24/7 Support team

Meet Our Team

Meet The Humans Behind GoGoGuest

Founded in San Francisco, CA in 2016, our team of 12 is fully remote today.

Jessica Valenzuela, GoGoGuest CEO and co-Founder

Jessica Valenzuela

CEO, co-Founder

Jessica Valenzuela is the CEO and co-Founder at GoGoGuest, a turn-key customer data and intelligence platform for restaurants of all sizes that is leading the industry with over 2 million customers under management. A subscription SaaS company, GoGoGuest is making restaurants smarter through data unification that allows decisions to be made based on customer behavior patterns, including personalized marketing, without the need for a costly data scientist.

Jessica, a dedicated entrepreneur, brings 15 years of B2B and DTC digital marketing experience, her insatiable curiosity and a love of food to her current venture that helps restaurants find elegant solutions to complex questions. Jessica grew up with deep knowledge of the restaurant business because her mother managed one, and she often found herself there after school. She went on to study hospitality management, working front of house at a restaurant and planned to go into the restaurant business until she found that she could use her expertise in tech to help restaurants succeed.

GoGoGuest has helped over half of its restaurant brands open more than 2 new locations during the pandemic, as well as seeing brands increase $10M in sales and increasing their pre-pandemic revenue up to $18M. When Jessica isn’t transforming the food industry, she can be found mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking in the high-alpine, snowboarding and discovering parts of the world.

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Christopher O'Connor, GoGoGuest CPO and co-Founder

Chris O'Connor

CPO, co-Founder

Chris O’Connor is the Chief Product Officer and co-Founder of GoGoGuest, an intuitive customer intelligence platform that is revolutionizing restaurant businesses through technology and data consolidation. Restaurants of all sizes have utilized the SaaS start-up to increase revenue and connect with guests through customer segmentation and personalization without an expensive data analyst.

Chris brings over 15 years of executive experience bringing innovative IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies, a love of start-ups and for building groundbreaking enterprise technology solutions for businesses. GoGoGuest, his latest achievement, has helped restaurant brands not only survive, but thrive in challenging times, the majority of which grew stronger than before the pandemic with new locations and sales increases of up to $18M. When he’s not busy changing the world through tech, Chris can be found rock climbing, snowboarding and exploring new parts of the world. 

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Our Team

We ensure our company’s goals become action by hiring people who identify with, believe in, and are dedicated to advancing our mission.

What does it mean to be part of our tribe?

It means we're heavily invested in each other. People at GoGoGuest value understanding each other's motivations, individual goals and how each aligns with our company goals. Collaboration and teamwork is an essential quality of our culture. Ideas and innovation are encouraged from every part and corner of our organization.

Industry Advisors

Ben Kaplan, GoGoGuest key advisor

Ben Kaplan

CEO, PLNT Burger

Ellery Fink, GoGoGuest key advisor

Ellery Fink

Chief of Customer Success, Toast

Randy Wigginton, GoGoGuest key advisor

Randy Wiggington

Senior Director, Infrastructure & Engineering, Square

Sami Kaipa, GoGoGuest key advisor

Sami Kaipa

CTO and co-Founder, Tingono

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How Food Service Businesses are using GoGoGuest to Skyrocket ROI

Young man with a laptop, a cellphone and headphones smiling in a coffee shop

6 Restaurant Data Trends You Need To Follow In 2022

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