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We help businesses of every size – from entrepreneurs to iconic brands.

GoGoGuest is a customer engagement and analytics software platform for hospitality, food and beverage, and retail brands that sell from a physical storefront and online. 

GoGoGuest helps businesses find true power in their data.

Did you know that consumers and businesses share a lot of information with each other? Information filled with insights and trends are available across multiple channels: physical storefront, websites, online store, social media and more. Despite the rich information, businesses are missing the opportunity to personalize and deliver deeper engagement due to lack of easy access to the data available to them.

Making it possible to capture, access and visualize customer data in one system gives a business the power to deliver customer-centric experiences  and have room for experiments to grow faster.


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All your data and marketing analytics to power your digital tools.

We funnel, organize and translate all your data in one place, organize and translate it into powerful insights. Businesses can automate reward programs aligned with a customer’s spending habits, recommend new products similar to a customer’s frequently purchased items and discover new opportunities that are data-driven and measurable customer behaviors.

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Built on customer experiences, engineering and design.

With businesses and iconic brands depending on us –  we build, design and deliver features you need to better understand your customers and grow faster.

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Best-in-class integrations

We integrate and partner with the best technology providers in retail, brand activation, networking, payments and eCommerce. Our standard subscriptions scale based on your business needs, while our custom integrations make your most complex requirements possible.

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Dedicated to your success

Whether it’s technical support or ongoing strategic services, you can lean on our customer success team to gain the most out of your GoGoGuest experience. Our monthly Basic and Rise subscriptions come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Your data, our engineering and design

At the heart of GoGoGuest is our machine learning and artificial intelligence platform – constantly learning, analyzing and providing you with real-time customer insights.

Human-centric design and engineering

From one-click integrations for our standard subscriptions to simplifying complex requirements – our platform will take care of organizing and understanding all your data into valuable insights. You’ll gain more time to focus on what matters most: your best customers.


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From entrepreneurs to iconic brands

Over 200 independent business owners, franchises and recognizable brands across the United States, parts of Europe and Canada use GoGoGuest to thrive and grow online and in their local markets.


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“GoGoGuest creates a better experience for our multi-location storefront and delivers the real-time insights we need across our digital channels. We have a more transparent view of what customers want, which makes it easier to refine our email campaigns, content strategy and ad targeting.”

Thomas Scott, multi-location franchisee

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Over 200 businesses

rely on GoGoGuest to find their best customers.

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Come work with us!

Are you a self-motivated individual able to collaborate and deliver with a remote team? We’re looking for individuals passionate about engineering, design and helping businesses grow.

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GoGoGuest is founded in San Francisco. We work from anywhere.


GoGoGuest launched


3 employees, 5 independent contractors

More than 200


Over 700K

relationships growing on GoGoGuest

Jessica Valenzuela_CEO_GoGoGuest

Jessica Valenzuela, CEO

Jessica is the CEO and co-Founder at GoGoGuest. A first generation immigrant with fifteen years of digital marketing and information technology leadership experience. Previously, Jessica launched brands for Gwen Stefani, Coty, Inc., Hewlett Packard and Pfizer. She also delivered applications for Square, Logitech and Taptera. Jessica pursued higher education programs in Hospitality and Restaurant Management at the University of the Philippines and Business Information Systems at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. When not leading at GoGoGuest, Jessica enjoys mountain biking and hiking in the high-alpine, snowboarding and discovering parts of the world. Connect with me.

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Chris O’Connor, CPO

Chris is the Chief Product Officer and co-Founder of GoGoGuest, bringing more than twelve years of executive experience leading growth oriented startups.  Previously, Chris created the enterprise mobility platform Taptera, delivering enterprise applications on emerging mobile platforms.  Prior to Taptera Chris led the enterprise technology team at Roche Pharmaceuticals responsible for innovative mobile and cloud technologies.  Chris holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  When not working on new products Chris can be found biking, snowboarding and exploring new parts of the world. Connect with me.