Imagine Connecting With Each Customer in an Intelligent Way

Build Relationships That Win You Customers For Life

GoGoGuest is pleased to introduce PRISM, our unified data and cloud customer marketing platform with business WiFi service. 

PRISM helps businesses increase Customer Lifetime Value and sales across in-store and other revenue channels. Hospitality, food service businesses, venues and pop-up retailers have access to a sea of active customer information but often don’t have the right tools to turn that data into actionable and individualized marketing campaigns.

Using customer data from different digital touch points including POS, WiFi analytics, eCommerce website, social media, and other relevant data sources, GoGoGuest gives businesses a complete picture of their customer so they can connect and engage in an intelligent and profitable way, customer by customer.

This is How We Increase Customer Lifetime Value:

  • Get to know each customer as they walk-in to your physical store or online store
  • Ask for their permission to reach out and connect based on their preference
  • Greet them with a warm welcome message that shares the story of your brand
  • Learn more by seeing actionable insights from all your customer data sources in one simple dashboard
  • Retarget ads in where your customers spend time online
  • Send the right offer in front of each customer, at the right time with smart customer journeys
  • Create, manage and send smart campaigns that your customers love
  • Manage your guest WiFi service policy from day 1

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We Make Difficult Things Look Easy

GoGoGuest PRISM unified customer data and marketing with business wifi service

Understand Anna’s Patterns

  • Joined guest WiFi service @Nespresso Tyson Mall
  • Passes by 3x per week
  • Visits Nespresso 2x per week
  • Average dwell time 2HRS 29 MINS
  • Last visit August 18, 2018

Understand Anna’s Preferences

  • Top apps used Snapchat, Instagram, Bridal Guide
  • Stores visited Nespresso, Restoration Hardware, Arhaus, Crate & Barrel
  • Joined Bridal Registry