Elevate your cafe's guest experience

Elevate your guest experience with restaurant and cafe WiFi Marketing.  Increase your average repeat purchase by offering WiFi with time limits, collect data with permission and send personalized marketing automations.


The WiFi Marketing Paybook

Every storefront customer engagement strategy needs guest WiFi in the mix.

Optimize your guest usable space

Create a safe and spacious usable guest space in your coffee shop, restaurant, cafe, brewery or bar. Require a purchase or collect customer data with permission.  GoGoGuest easily integrates with your POS!

Attract new customers

Offering a guest WiFi amenity in your physical space captures 40% more customer data compared to any other channel. Reach, convert and engage customers beyond their first visit.

The ultimate dining experience comes with personalization

Easily connect the dots with an integrated view of purchase patterns. Gain the super powers to personalize each customer touch point across ordering and sales channels.

Maximize Your Restaurant's WiFi Network Infrastructure

Attract 78% new customers with fast, reliable and secure guest WiFi network. Convert your new customers with personalized and targeted offers.


The complete WiFi management and customer engagement stack to grow your in-store audience and loyal customer groups.


Gather all your data in one place with enterprise-grade security and permissions.

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful and elegant, targeted messages that customers want in their inbox.

SMS Marketing

Deliver email, SMS, targeted web responses and social ads in one platform.​

Customer Loyalty

Design and manage your customer loyalty program in-store, online or both.

The Customer Engagement Playbook

Humanity in action. What customer engagement is, why it matters and what you need to know.

Resources to support you along the way

How To Select And Place Your WiFi Access Points

If you are planning to open a coffee shop, restaurant-type business QSR, craft brewery or a retail experience store, you will need network connectivity. The chances are, you’ll already be thinking about where to place your access points. This handy guide will walk you through a few essential tips to think about when choosing the right wireless cloud access points for your business.

6 Things You Should Know About Coffee Shop WiFi Management

There is more to setting up a guest WiFi for your coffee shop or restaurant business. When purchasing infrastructure for your physical store, always consider how your decision could lead to a better customer experience that will deliver long-term maximum customer value. This guide will walk you through the different guest wifi management options.

The Coffee Shop Marketing Guide For First Time Owners

Marketing your coffee shop business is central to getting regular customers who drive sales and revenue. When you open, you’ll be able to rely on some new customers coming to check out your coffee shop. But longer-term, you’ll want to implement a marketing strategy that builds steady brand awareness, lets people know where to find you and entices new customers to come into your coffee shop.

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