Coffee shop marketing with WiFi hotspots.

GoGoGuest is the best coffee shop marketing platform for businesses that sell from a storefront, online or both. We drive revenue growth for independent and multi-location brands.

Ask about our one-click integrations:

One marketing software to grow your coffee shop business and brand.

Why pay for multiple coffee shop marketing services when you can start, run and grow your business with One Simple Subscription. Get all the business marketing tools you need for your coffee shop.

We introduced GoGoGuest guest WiFi with time limits, re-marketing features and required a purchase in late 2018. Then we launched a new website to sell coffee subscriptions after a year. We love how guest just keep on buying more coffee!

Lady in a coffee shop enjoying coffee. Offer guest WiFi in your coffee shop with time limits, re-marketing and unique POS codes.

Coffee shop marketing business tools that scale and adjusts to your business needs. 

  • Open your coffee shop with a clear guest WiFi policy
  • Grow your email list
  • Create and send personalized and automated content and rewards
  • Listen, analyze and act on your audience and customer insights
  • Own your brand with a business website so you can sell more online

Take full control of your guest usable space.

Offer enhanced safety standards, limited capacity and a guest WiFi amenity as a premium experience.

GoGoGuest WiFi captive portals are great opportunities to introduce new products and sell more.

All the coffee shop marketing tools you need to restore and grow your business.

Why coffee shop business owners love GoGoGuest.

  • Full control of our guest usable space.

    Full control of our guest usable space.

    “A dream solution for coffee shop business owners. Safety and limited capacity are premium customer experience options we can offer thanks to GoGoGuest guest WiFi time-limits that is associated with a purchase.”

    Ike Escava
  • Every device connected is a sale

    Every device connected is a sale

    “We’ve been with GoGoGuest for over 3 years. The Square POS integration works seamlessly with our guest WiFi amenity. Every device connected is a sale for Blackwood Coffee Bar. Perfect front-of-the house solution at a fraction of the cost. Excellent customer service.”

    Keith Wixson
  • Complements Square Marketing

    Complements Square Marketing

    “An easy solution to grow our active subscriber guest list. With GoGoGuest beautiful captive portals our lists grow organically 40x faster than our website and POS channels. A great complement to Square’s Marketing software.”

    Anthony Kurutz
    CEO and Founder

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