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You have information coming from every system in your business. But capturing data is useless if you can’t connect the pieces. Instead of operating in a black hole, get data-driven insights into your customers and products with GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence.

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"We don't know if our loyalty program is driving traffic"

Understanding your customers comes first. For everything.

Want to hone your menu for profit? You need to know what your customers are buying.

Want a loyalty program that delights? You need to know what your customers love about your brand.

Want a consistent brand experience across touch-points? You need a clear picture of how your customers are engaging with your business. 

But if your customer insights are locked up in impenetrable data sets, there’s little way of knowing how to improve your products and processes.

Which is how you end up with:

  • hit and miss marketing
  • under performing email campaigns
  • inefficient ordering channels
  • inadequate loyalty programs
  • untapped product mixes that could drive profit

You’ve tried to use the data you have, but when it comes down to it…

You need intricate, professional data analysis, that's designed for the restaurant industry.


GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence

The simple way for hospitality businesses to identify revenue-growing opportunities from customer data. 

You can’t run a business wearing a blindfold. Get clear insights into your customer data and uncover opportunities you’ve been missing.

With GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence, you can easily collect, organize and transform the data from each of your systems into impressively detailed analytics. All presented in beautifully visual reports your entire team will love.

GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence is the missing piece that turns data from disconnected to big picture profitability.

Ready to turn data into profit?

2 Million + Customers Under Management

1 %
Customer acquisition across channels
1 %
Lift in revenue
1 %
Increase in loyalty
1 %
In cost savings


Get A 360 View Of Your Business In Every Channel

Gain real-time insights across in-store and online channels.  GoGoGuest helps you quickly pinpoint which channels, products, campaigns and customer segments are boosting your profitability and growing brand loyalty. 

Customer data management helps you maximize profitability with:

One-click partner integrations: 

GoGoGuest easily integrates with your in-store and online platforms. Data is automatically collected from each touch-point in real time. And then organized to create a crystal clear, 360 view of your customers.

Et Voila! You have solid building blocks to drive customer engagement, grow your loyalty program, enhance product merchandising, menu design, inventory management and more.

Data sync:

Your data, all in one place. Eliminated data inconsistencies and build an accurate picture of your customers and processes on autopilot. With Data Sync you get transparency across channels, platforms and store locations. 

Which means your marketing team can easily test campaigns, offers and product combinations. And your front-of-house team can rely on actionable CRM data when interacting with customers.

Customer groups:

Want to know your customers? Now you can create dynamic customer groups from millions of customer profiles in just seconds. Simply assign key attributes for deeper personalization and customer insight.

Build behavior-based groups and cohorts across channels and platforms. So you can confidently create and iterate on the product bundles, offers, campaigns and automations that boost your bottom line.

Want to effortlessly optimize your revenue?


Your top performing products and best new opportunities on a plate

Finally understand your customer at the purchase level. With no extra effort.

Our industry leading analytics tool will comb through your customer purchase behavior to identify your best performing products and product mixes by revenue and profitability. So you can easily unlock new efficiencies and revenue opportunities in your business.

Market Basket Analysis delivers you:

  • Multiple perspectives of customer groups based on cross-channel purchase data
  • Product and bundle recommendations informed by purchase history, interests and key customer attributes
  • Tailored up-sell and cross-sell suggestions to increase profitability
  • Personalized engagement strategies that grow customer loyalty, purchase frequency and total spend
  • Accurate pricing strategies and value driven menu design recommendations

Get tailored 'customer first' insights to optimize profitability and delight your customers.

Analytics and ai

Powerful business insights, beautifully presented

Intricate data analysis is pointless if your team can’t access it. And for that, there’s our analytics and AI solution.

Our state-of-the-art analytics and AI technology synthesizes your data and crafts it into a stunning enterprise data and analytics dashboard for your brand and business.

Through your dashboard you’ll discover the real power of AI and analytics for your business.

GoGoGuest doesn’t just present the data, we’ll instantly uncover cost efficiencies and opportunities that you can immediately correct.

With GoGoGuest Analytics and AI your team can: 

  • See information from every location and ordering channel, as it’s happening
  • Easily view revenue by ordering channel or audience engagement
  • Get to the minute insights into your business
  • Instantly identify and correct cost inefficiencies and opportunities
  • Customize your dashboard

Your operations and marketing team will have accurate, dependable information so they can test new messages, new menu item combinations, and new campaigns with confidence.

Predictive analytics: a clear path to success

Find new opportunities in customer purchase and engagement patterns. GoGoGuest predictive analytics gives you data driven insights to predict future sales performance of a product, menu offering or a combination of offerings.

Here's what happened when Edley's BBQ started using GoGoGuest


New Customers Acquired


Increase Across Ordering Channels


Customer Engagement


Build delight into each moment of your customer journey

What if you could easily keep your messaging consistent across every touch-point?  And deliver exactly the right message at the perfect moment?

Each GoGoGuest marketing channel uses deep, data-driven personalization to deliver the perfect message, offer or reward at exactly the right moment.

With a clear view of customer engagement habits, every message is highly targeted to each individual customer.  So you can drive engagement and create genuine delight at every point in your customer journey. 

Want to see what we can do for your business?


Capture and personalize customer journeys by cohort

We love how we're able to seamlessly engage our customers with smart email marketing campaigns with GoGoGuest.
Founder and CEO

Easy for your team, seamless with your systems

Give your team access to the resources they need. With beautiful reports and a customizable dashboard, GoGoGuest transforms customer data into actionable insights your team can put into motion.

It’s simple to integrate systems you already use.

With GoGoGuest you can: 

  • Understand purchase patterns across ordering channels
  • Easily migrate data from your current marketing platforms to GoGoGuest (even at an enterprise level)
  • Deliver the right message at the right moment with simple-yet-powerful customer engagement tools
  • Empower your in-store managers, marketing team and staff with easily accessible insights
  • Get white-glove support through onboarding and beyond
GoGoGuest is super easy to use with our existing systems. Our entire team is onboard! We are thrilled to be an early partner and customer.
Greg Bucheister
Coffeebar, Founder, CEO

Move from "I don't know what's working" to deep customer insights and optimized profitability in a matter of days


Smarter mall operators

Understanding real-life engagement and connecting with our customers online and in their inbox were our biggest customer engagement gaps. We're smarter mall operators thanks to GoGoGuest.
Janet Grady and Bruno Andreades
The PRISM Company


Drive real growth with data-driven strategy and an acute understanding of what works for your business

Identify gaps and opportunities to grow revenue and optimize your profitability. With GoGoGuest Customer Intelligence you can finally connect the missing pieces and pinpoint critical information like:

Your customers by spend

Top menu combinations that grow revenue

The profitability of each on your menu

Your customers' average spend per visit

Most frequently used ordering channel

Top performing menu items and combinations

You'll have the actionable insights you'll need to:

Grow foot-traffic to your brick-and-mortar

Boost your online sales

Expand your customer loyalty program

Drive customer engagement

Design the perfect profitable menu

Enhance your product merchandising

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