Listen, analyze and act on your customer data.

Data, insights and trends to power your business. And product concepts.

GoGoGuest runs 24/7

GoGoGuest runs 24/7

Gather, analyze and put your data to work. We got your storefront and online store covered, 24/7. 

Access, view and use your data

Access, view and use your data

Understand your customers. Access all your customer data, insights and trends all in one place. 

Platform to platform integrations

Platform to platform integrations

From one-click integrations to complex data flow requirements, our integrations and consulting team has you covered.

Personalization and timing

Personalization and timing

Achieve deeper personalization regardless of location, customer by customer. 

Elevate your guest experience

Elevate your guest experience

Understanding what your customers love and want from your business and brand has never been easier. 

A 360 view of your business

A 360 view of your business

Unlock your data. Discover insights, trends and opportunities to help you restore and grow faster.

Our promise

GoGoGuest Guest Intelligence unlocks your customer data to restore and grow your business. Responsibly.

Guest Intelligence

Build deeper relationships with personalization.

Gain a complete picture of your business with Guest Intelligence.

Guest Intelligence

Know what customers want.

  • Learn about customer preferences and purchase habits.
  • Discover insights powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Send automated post-visit surveys.
  • Apply your discoveries across multi-channel campaigns.
  • Send personalized email content and automations.
Guest Intelligence

Never miss a beat.

  • Let all your data do the work.
  • See actionable insights across customer channels.
  • One-click platform to platform integrations.
Guest Intelligence

Create serendipitous customer opportunities.

  • Automate your birthday greetings and special offers.
  • Reward a guest for being your top fan.
  • Drop unique shopper offers.
  • Attract guests with personalized win back campaigns.
  • Say thank you for the shout-out on Instagram.


Guest Intelligence

Let’s get started.

  • Select your subscription that best fits your business.
  • Power up with Guest Intelligence.
  • Is your business an enterprise or multi-location franchise? GoGoGuest can bring all your multi-location and multi-channel customer data in one place.
Guest Intelligence

“With GoGoGuest, we send promotions for over 30 brand retailers, to over 20K guests every week. Each message is crafted with personalized content that guests find delightful!”

Janet Grady

Prism Marketing, Founder and President

Data-driven digital tools for every entrepreneur and brand.

  • CMOs


  • Food and Beverage Marketers

    Food and Beverage Marketers

  • Store Managers

    Store Managers

  • Experiential Agencies

    Experiential Agencies

  • Franchisees and Franchisors

    Franchisees and Franchisors

  • Independent Business Owners

    Independent Business Owners

Put your data to work.

Analyze, create and deliver consistent customer journeys across channels, anywhere. 

  • Unique customer tags
  • List and subscriber activity
  • Content performance
  • Campaign insights 
  • Device types
  • Email domains
  • WiFi and location data analytics 
  • POS purchase data and analytics 
  • eCommerce purchase data and analytics  
  • Online reservations or appointment scheduling data
  • Single account log-in for businesses with multiple locations
  • Customer success and support
  • Dedicated account manager
Guest Intelligence