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Customer analytics for restaurants

GoGoGuest Customer Analytics empowers new and growing restaurant concepts with valuable nuggets of information about your customers’ purchase patterns.



Understand Customer Purchase Patterns

Gain access to key customer insights on where, when and what consumers are buying from your restaurant.

Menu Marketing Optimization

Armed with purchase behavior patterns, marketing and operations teams can work together to plan and program new menu offerings by channel and location.

Personalized Engagement

Personalize menu recommendations, send-time and trigger behaviors when using our engagement delivery tools, including email, SMS and loyalty programs.

Restaurant Customer Analytics tools

GoGoGuest deep Analytics and AI, captures and understands your customer data from different systems, in-store and online. Easily access and use your data, analytics and insights to plan customer marketing programs and explore new menu offerings.


Make menu marketing and menu engineering aligned with customer buying patterns. Try our built-in market basket analysis with your favorite cloud POS!


Create and learn from dynamic customer segments across product, demographic, interests, buying behaviors and more!


Personalize your marketing content and offers for each customer group and cohort. Observe behavioral patterns to craft each message.


With customer insights and sales performance as a guide, marketers gain a clear path to their next best marketing action.

Seeing is believing

A one-size fits all approach to running and growing your restaurant concept is no longer scaleable. Let your customers be your guide.

Personalize Your Email, SMS And Loyalty Programs With GoGoGuest

We make it easy for restaurant marketers to easily create dynamic segments, then personalize each message across engagement channels.

Customer Loyalty

Design and personalize loyalty programs that align with customer value. Reward your best customers, encourage the rest.

Storefront Marketing

Elevate your in-store experience with guest wifi marketing. Gain immediate ROI.

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful and personalized email messages that customers are excited to see in their inbox.

SMS Marketing

Use SMS marketing for your high-value customers who simply love dining at your restaurant.

Resources to support you along the way

How Profitable Should My Restaurant Be?

How profitable are restaurants? They can be very profitable in terms of overall money coming in or total profits, but the problem comes in after costs with profit margins, which are typically not very high. Some major chains and popular upscale restaurants can generate a healthy income, while many restaurants take on other things for more income, such as real estate, cooking classes, shows and expanding their brand by selling products and merchandise online.

How To Achieve A Unified Customer Experience

What does a unified customer experience look like, and how does it work? Let’s say you have regular customers visiting your restaurant making in-store purchases. The goal of a unified customer experience is to increase both the frequency of customer visits and the size of average orders, thereby driving revenue and sales. With the right data and insights, you can sell more to your best customers by providing them with a better, more relevant experience, regardless of how they are ordering.

Email Marketing vs. Facebook: Which Is The Better Way To Market

You don’t need us to tell you that email marketing has huge reach. At the same time, you’ll also know that Facebook and other social media sites are a great way to market your business too. But when it comes to email marketing vs. Facebook, where should you be investing your time, and where are you likely to get the best ROI? When it comes to ROI and driving revenue for your business, email marketing is where the magic is.

Incredible organizations we support

From startups to retail brands, hospitality, restaurants and coffeeshops trust GoGoGuest.

Understand customer behaviors that drive sales

Ready To Connect The Dots?

Use GoGoGuest to design your customer journeys from the point and time a new customer joins your restaurant’s community, in-store and online.

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