Customer insights that grow revenue

GoGoGuest Analytics and AI empowers restaurant type businesses with insights on what customers are buying, when and where.

Deep Analytics And AI


Ordering Channels That Grow Revenue

Ordering channels are your most important connection - in-store or online. Gain access to key customer insights on where, when and what consumers are buying from your restaurant.

Customer Personalization Wins

Armed with purchase behavior patterns, marketing and operations teams can work together to personalize each customer journey by ordering channel and location.

Grow Customer Loyalty

Design a unique customer loyalty program that creates value on how a customer experiences your brand.

Single-Point Of Customer Truth

View customer insights across every customer experience and revenue aspect of your single or multi-location hospitality business or brand.


GoGoGuest deep Analytics and AI, captures and understands your customer data from different systems, in-store and online. 

Customer Groups

Gain a complete view of customer groups by key attributes and relevance.

Customer Journeys

Create dynamic customer set and forget messaging triggered by behavior.


Customer intelligence to answer revenue focused questions across ordering channels.

Visual Reports

View campaign results in real-time with compelling visual reports and insights.

Seeing is believing

Empower your marketing and operations teams with purchase behavior patterns and insights that can personalize engagement, grow revenue and eliminate cost inefficiencies.

Let Your Customers Be Your Guide

Never miss a beat. Let GoGoGuest powerful analytics and AI guide the next best action in your customer journey.

Customer Loyalty

Design and personalize loyalty programs that align with LTV. Reward your best customers, motivate the rest.

Storefront Marketing

Learn from real-world customer journeys, while offering guest WiFi with time-limits and a purchase from day 1!

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful and elegant, targeted messages that customers want in their inbox.

SMS Marketing

Create a sense of FOMO with in the moment localized SMS messages for VIP and high-value customer groups.

Resources to support you along the way

How To Easily Implement A Unified Customer Experience

Learn from (and connect to) customers based on their behavior and preferences in one easy dashboard.

How To Unlock Your Restaurant's Revenue Potential

By uncovering meaningful correlations across products and customer purchase patterns.

Is Facebook or Email Marketing A Better Way To Market?

When it comes to email marketing vs. Facebook, where are you likely to get the best ROI?

Incredible organizations we support

From startups to retail brands, hospitality, restaurants and coffeeshops trust GoGoGuest.

Actionable CRM for hospitality businesses

Get inspired with Analytics and AI

Don’t get stuck on a specific customer journey. Discover opportunities to optimize and grow each ordering channel.

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