Storefront Partners With GoGoGuest PRISM For Pop Up Retailers

Peter March

Greetings! My name is Peter March, a user experience designer and one of the investors here at GoGoGuest. Today I’m excited to talk about GoGoGuest’s partnership with The Storefront, the largest short-term retail marketplace in the world. Let me tell you why this partnership is a big deal for current and future GoGoGuest partners and customers.

GoGoGuest is a merchant technology solutions provider that unifies customer data from all digital  touch points including POS, WiFi analytics and a retailer’s own eCommerce website, mobile apps, social pages, and more. We’ve always had a strong commitment to making it simpler for food service, hospitality and retail businesses to deliver a great user and product experience to their customers through actionable data. Now that we are partners with Storefront, that commitment expands into the pop-up retail sector.

Why the interest in pop-up retail? Because it’s a great way for a brand to ease their way into a new market niche while minimizing potential losses. Launching a pop-up store compared to opening up a traditional brick-and-mortar location is approximately 80% less expensive, according to Storefront. Crucial to a successful pop-up is having great partnerships that allow the retailer to focus on what they do best: creating a great experience for their customers.

Five Reasons Why the Storefront and GoGoGuest Partnership is Good for You

  1. It will allow you to deliver a better brand experience. When a customer encounters your brand, whether online, in a brick and mortar store, or at a pop-up location, they want to feel they can trust you. When you deliver to them a retail experience that is simple and consistent, that trust is more likely to develop. GoGoGuest’s branded captive portal allows you to introduce your brand to customers in a high-quality way that feels authentic that also offers you multiple ways to capture customer data.

  2. You will gain a better understanding of what customers want. Gaining a true understanding of who your customers are and who might be a customer in the future is crucial to the long-term success of any retailer. Pop-up stores allow retailers (especially digital-only retailers) to interact with their customers face-to-face and see what their responses are to new products and services. GoGoGuest can help you figure out who these customers are with location data, content browsing tracking, and personalized messaging so visitors to your pop-up feel welcome and important.

  3. You can focus on the pop-up’s brand experience, not the technology. The staff at your pop-up store should be focusing on interacting with customers and selling product. They should not be focusing on getting the POS to work or troubleshooting a flakey WiFi router. GoGoGuest offers you WiFi setup and service (including accessories like power supplies), plus secure guest hotspots and a reliable POS for your pop-up. All access points are managed in the Cloud for maximum flexibility.

  4. Your store experience is matched with a robust online communication platform. The actual pop-up store is just one step in a customer’s journey with your brand. GoGoGuest’s advanced email platform allows you to communicate with existing customers by market segment with targeted emails before they visit the pop-up, and communicate with old and new customers after they visit. Based on buyer behavior, the platform allows you thank customers for their purchase, offer them special discounts and deals to prompt return visits, sign them up for a rewards program, and much, much more.

  5. You can initiate a cycle of continuous customer learning. GoGoGuest’s data capture tools allow retailers to gain real-time buyer behavior visual insights and analytics and measure on-going performance. Based on this data, retailers can experience with new product and service offerings and see which ones strike a chord with customers at each pop-up location.

In this uncertain market climate, everyone is looking for ways to keep expanding their retail footprint while still protecting themselves from risk. A pop-up store experience backed by Storefront and GoGoGuest might be just the solution you are looking for. To get started, book a FREE consultation or fill out an order form.

About Storefront

Storefront is the world’s largest marketplace for short-term retail spaces. Our platform connects brands, e-commerce businesses, and artists with space owners for temporary rentals. Storefront makes commercial real estate easily accessible for anyone looking to organize events and create pop-up stores around the world.

Since our launch in 2014, Storefront has supported more than 100,000 brands (including Google, L’Oréal, Nike, Birchbox, Netflix) across the world’s largest cities, from Paris to New York to Milan, London and Hong Kong. The platform now has the largest network of commercial spaces available for short-term rental with more than 10,000 listings.

About GoGoGuest

GoGoGuest is an angel-backed technology startup that provides unified data and cloud marketing solutions with WiFi service to the food service, hospitality and pop up retail businesses. With a simple and unified platform, PRISM, GoGoGuest helps businesses maximize lifetime value customer by customer. 

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